Archive | January 1, 2013

First gift

May the new year and the 30 day blogging marathon challenge begin on a happy note by sharing a special moment when Adi made me shed happy tears 🙂

This year her school arranged for a shopping experience for the students inside campus for the holiday season. Kids were given envelopes beforehand to decide on their budget for their shopping. Adi wanted ten dollars and decided to shop for myself and one of her friend. She was very strict about getting that ten dollars from her piggy bank.  I was so thrilled when she declared that she is going to shop for me. Honestly, I am a sucker for gifts and surprises. I love being on both sides planning and receiving. It warms your heart and soul to see the joy on one’s face when they are surprised. The joy and excitement they feel while sharing about the moment  as a memory is boundless. I couldn’t wait to see what she would choose for me from the assorted items in the shop though on the other side I was also preparing myself to see her return empty handed as kids are famous for instant change their mind.

I was proud to see Adi stand by her word and come home with this beautiful gift. She had analyzed all the gifts in the shop and choose the best one for me. She had also thought about how I would put it to use.  Looks like she saw some pendants, rings and this gift and thought this would be more useful to me. She had spent half of her budget on this gift so missed buying few more gifts for her friends but she didn’t regret for it a bit. The gift couldn’t be any better.

A perfect first gift that she bought for me from her savings that I am using every night to drink my glass of milk. It was a mutual decision to use it for drinking the milk before bed so that the mug can stay next to me all night and the first thing I do every morning is to take it to the sink. I have saved the wrapper and box of the mug as this gift will always remain special to me.

Left side is the box.


This reminds me of a mother’s day (think it was 2002 or 2003) when I surprisingly took amma to Kumaran silks and made her select four gorgeous sarees for herself. Those sarees were part of her best collections for a very long time and recollecting that moment still fills our heart with warmth and happiness. What is life with no special moments and surprises? Don’t they make beautiful memories of a relationship that we can ruminate about for the rest of our life?

Go on, plan a surprise for one of your loved one and if possible share the moment with us as a post before the 30 day challenge ends 🙂 🙂