Riddle time – comment moderation is enabled and answers will be published tomorrow

1. A girl went to NY on horse on a Friday. It took her three days to come back and she came back on Friday. How is that possible?

2. What will a bear say when it is offered dessert?

3. Why does it take long time for the pirates to learn English alphabets?

4. Which alphabet is very cool?

5. Why is 6 afraid of 7?

6. Who is the king of the classroom?

7. Why did the boy study in the airplane?

8. What two things can you never eat for supper?

9. Who un-invented the airplane?

10. What do you call the event where spiders get married?

11. What happens once in a month, twice in a moment and never in a hundred years?

12. What has rings but no fingers?

Have fun!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Riddlessss

  1. Gah! I am pathetic with solving riddles…but but..here is my try

    1. The horse’s week was only 4 day a week?

    2. no thanks Honey

    3. because they are too busy saying aye aye capt and shore ahoy

    4. C because its right in the middle of iCe

    5. because 7 ate nine

    6. the king?

    7. because he didnt want to be grounded after the landing

    8. lunch and breakfast?

    9. R’s Mom 🙂

    10. spider kalayanam

    11. Errr..the letter ‘m’

    12. keys?

    So there..please tell me you at least laughed at my answers 🙂

  2. 4) i think the AC is the cool alphabet 🙂 5) seven ate nine (nothing but 789)
    7)to get a higher education
    9) wrong brothers 🙂 not sure 🙂
    12) telephone

  3. 1.
    2. No thanks , I am stuffed 🙂

    3.Because they spend years on C..


    5. because 7 8 9 🙂 seven Ate Nine

    6. . I had put a question in my list about this too.. RULER 🙂 he he he

    7. Higher Education


    10. Newly WeBBED

    11. “M”


    😦 do i win anything still .. 7 out of 12 is not bad .. is it ..

  4. Gosh am so poor in riddles I dint have answer to any of the puzzles 😦
    However tried few of them:
    1.she started on friday reached there after 3 days (ie.monday),stayed there for 1 day and return journey again took 3 days,so reached on friday

    2.’B’ coz it comes between AC (air condition)

    5.Because seven was hungry and “seven ate nine” (7, 8, 9).

    7.Because they wanted higher grades.

    8.Breakfast and lunch

    9.Wrong brothers

    12.key ring

  5. oh my god.. too many riddles.. so let me try and answer atleast few..
    1.either she stayed there for one day.. or she started at end of midnight 12 of Friday, and reached back at beginning of the next Friday 12 midnight.
    2.chilled bear?? ice berg? its hot?
    3. its hard to come out of C
    7.to do higerstudies
    8.breakfast n lunch
    11.letter m

  6. 1. It took her 3 days to reach there too
    2. No thanks! I am stuffed *
    3. Because he lost an i (eye)
    4. C (sea)
    5. Because 7 8 (ate) 9
    6. Ruler *
    7. He wanted higher education*
    8. Lunch and dinner*
    9. Wrong Brothers
    10. webbing
    11. m
    12. Saturn
    * Psst… I googled these 🙂

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