Riddlesss – answers

Please if you plan to throw anything on me after reading the answers please through it as pairs and flats okie? you see my back pain doesn’t allow me to use heels.

1. A girl went to NY on horse on a Friday. It took her three days to come back and she came back on Friday. How is that possible?

Her horse’s name is Friday. She came back on Friday (her horse) not actually on a Friday (day of the week). I know I know now please remember the deal okie? only pairs and flats. 

2. What will a bear say when it is offered dessert?

No thanks because its stuffed. 🙂
      Lifesong – cheating… googling is like copying in board exams..
      Bikram – did you google? If yes cheater, cheater or else accept the yayyyy. You are the only one to get this correct. 

3. Why does it take long time for the pirates to learn English alphabets?

Because they were struck with C (Sea) for a very long time. 
Yayyyy to Swaram, Bikram and ashreyamom

4. Which alphabet is very cool?

“B” because its between AC (A and C) 😀 
Yayyyy to garima. You are the only one to get this correct.
RM – half point to you as your reasoning is not correct. I am a strict officer you know?
chipmunk madam – how can AC be an alphabet? could you please kindly clarify?

5. Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 789 (7 ate 9). 

Yayyyy to RM, chipmunk, Bikram, Lifesong.
garima – not counting your answer

6. Who is the king of the classroom?

Ruler  he he heee

Yayyyy to Bikram. Again you the only one to get it correct
Lifesong – not counting you sorry 😦

7. Why did the boy study in the airplane?

Actually there is two answer to this:
1. Because he wanted to pass with flying colors.
2. Because he wanted to score higher grade. 

Yayyy to nobody 😦 most of you get only half point as “higher” is correct but its not higher education.
garima – I am not counting your answer but I like your honesty 🙂

8. What two things can you never eat for supper?

Breakfast and lunch 😀 

Yayyy to RM, Swaram, garima, ashreyamom. good job ladies. 

9. Who un-invented the airplane?

Wrong brothers

Yayyyy to chipmunk, garima and Lifesong. 🙂

RM – We un-invent many things. I am there to give you company.. 🙂

10. What do you call the event where spiders get married?

Webbing 🙂

Yayyyy to Swaram and Lifesong..

RM – LOL at spider kalyanam 😀 

11. What happens once in a month, twice in a moment and never in a hundred years?

Letter “M” he he heee (remember the deal okie?)

Yayyyy to RM, Swaram, Bikram, ashreyamom and Lifesong.. This is the one that most of you got correct.

12. What has rings but no fingers?

Telephone.. 😀

Yayyyy to chipmunk and Swaram.

So, the final scores are (Keep your fingers crossed participants)

Bikram – 5.5
Swaram – 5
ashreyamom – 4.5
Lifesong – 4
RM – 3.5
chipmunk – 3.5
garima – 3

ETA: (Reevaluation done to accommodate participant’s request)
12. What has rings but no fingers?

Earring and Saturn will also be considered as correct answers. 

Bikram – 5.5
Swaram – 5
Lifesong – 5
ashreyamom – 4.5
RM – 3.5
chipmunk – 3.5
garima – 3

Please please pardon me if I had done any mistake with the scoring.. I scratched my head (seriously) for more than one hour to write this post (no I didn’t take any break in between).

A beeeeeg round of applause for the top 3 winners, a bigger round of applause to the participants who were honest (those who gave the credit to google) and a bigger, bigger, bigger round of applause to all the participants (what winning or losing doesn’t matter. participation is the key na?) I know I am in zen mode now after scratching my head for too long. Let me stop here.

Thank you all for the participation. Hope you all had fun.


27 thoughts on “Riddlesss – answers

  1. I want a re evaluation… I got the 12th one correct. Saturn too has rings but no fingers…. See I thought sooo hard for this one… I deserve half a mark more 🙂

  2. I also want ‘re-evaluation. . I got the webbing one right.. and no googling.. I did a post myself a couple of days ago.. so had some of the answers..

    These were the questions in those Christmas crackers..

    And waise bhi I am not that dumb..he he he he..

    But hey I wonnnnnnnnnn yayyyyyyyyy

    That Friday one was so easy I am dumb 😦

    But but I won wonnnnnnnnnn yayyyyyyyyy what’s for the prize…

    • sir you already top the list and what you going to get by re-evaluation? anyways I did that and your score doesn’t change 😀 😀 as the answer “Newly Webbed” doesn’t suit the question aptly.. see the question is “What do you call the event where spiders get married?” not “What do you call the spiders that are recently married” got it?
      I got most of these questions from Adi.. who said you are dumb? who? who? show them to me..
      yayyyy you won.. prize? ok let me be generous here.. you can buy whatever you want and consider it as a gift from me okie? 😉

  3. Yayyyy! I wish I had taken out time and thought about the other answers too 😛
    Congrats to all the participants and cheers to the hostess ofcos 😉

  4. Ok let me admit, I came here yesterday and left without commenting as I couldn’t guess even one. But hey we have some amazingly intelligent bloggers here:-)

    • hope you are enlightened with the answers now 🙂 We are the same Tharini.. I know only to ask questions (remember Sokkan from Thiruvilayadal). I am like him 🙂

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