2012 Reading list

Reading is something that I have resumed after so many years in 2012. One of the best thing I have done in 2012. Thanks to all my blog friends who have inspired me with all your reviews. Yayyyy, so I have a list too 🙂

SnS, Smitha, Scribby, RM, Swaram – a beeg thanks to all you lovely ladies.

My primary source is the local library that’s 3.5 minutes away by walk from my home. Can it get any better? The library will top my “to be missed” list when I move out from this place. The people there are so friendly and the best part is even if the book is not available at their branch they help you to get the book from other branches.  If I need a place to spend few hours all alone then my feet will invariably turn towards this library.

I also refer this site for recommendations – http://bondwithbooks.wordpress.com/

They have books categorized based on reviewer’s rating which makes it easier to choose. They are doing an amazing job.

Not to mention Adi is my tracker. We share bookmarks, we discuss about the book I read, she sets target for me, we challenge each other, when we read together at bedtime (I mean both sit next to each other and read our own books) she will share interesting snippets from her book that is followed by giggles and clueless M (the man who touches books only to pass it over).  I love these moments and I love that lamp next to my bed that glows during our bedtime reading every day night.
Without further ado here is my list from 2012.

1. Steve Jobs – by Walter Issacson

2. Parthiban Kanavu (Tamil) – by Kalki

3. The Palace of Illusions – by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

4. The most beautiful thing – by Fiona Robyn

5. How to Eat a Cupcake – by Meg Donohue

6. The White Tiger – by Aravind Adiga

7. The Twentieth Wife – by Indu Sundaresan

8. The Feast of Roses – by Indu Sundaresan

9. Shadow Princess – by Indu Sundaresan

10. In the Convent of Little flowers – by Indu Sundaresan

My nose is now buried into

11. The Splendor of Silence – by Indu Sundaresan

Kalki’s other novels and Shiva trilogy are on my list for 2013. More suggestions are welcome…

Tracking my reading here – https://anisnest.wordpress.com/books-we-read/anis-list/


20 thoughts on “2012 Reading list

  1. Sigh! I so so wish seriously wish I can do that with R ‘both of us reading our own books at bed time’ that for me, will be my biggest achievement as a parent!

    Today, I read and she listens!

    I loved this post Ani 🙂

    and 3.5 minutes from home..gah! I am jealous 🙂

  2. I have read all of Indu’s books except In the Convent of Little Flowers. It’s so damn expensive here and don’t seem to get it in any library too 😦

    Gud luck with the reading in 2013 🙂

  3. I really am eyeing the books by Indu Sundaresan 🙂
    I loved reding about how you and Adi read together and the lamp and the library ! I can really understand how attached you must have become and what a big role all this plays in your happy life 🙂

    • go for it kismi.. you wouldn’t regret at least for Mehrunnisa and the richness of Mughal empire.. I am sure once you read one book of the series you will be determined to finish all of them..

  4. How sweet is that, reading along with your daughter? I am almost there with Big G:) And living walking distance to the library, I would never move!! Btw, have read only White Tiger from your list 😦

    • I love reading along with her.. hope it continues for many many many more years 🙂 🙂
      White tiger depicts the true face of India right? The Balram Halwai character still lingers on my mind once in a while..

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