Archive | January 14, 2013

No mixie weeks ahead

My mixie that has served as one of the active and primary member of my kitchen for past five years conked out few days ago. No, I don’t blame the poor thingie that served its purpose to the T all these years.  It was totally my bad.  I used the smallest jar (owe it to my damn laziness) to grind a harder substance and there it broke those four plus like plastic projections in the mixie unit that helps to hold the jar in its place. Now, if I try to place the jar and switch it on, the mixie makes wired sound and the blades doesn’t rotate 😦

I don’t have a grinder either. So, the following weeks will be no Idli/dosa weeks until amma lands here to rescue us. That also made me think what other things we would miss

1. Fresh ginger/garlic paste while cooking. I almost do this for all subzis.
2. Chutneys of all sorts. Oh wait why would I need chutney if there is no idli/dosa batter 😦
3. Rasam (I don’t know how to make rasam without grinding the tomato, whole pepper and jira)  any suggestions?
4. Milk shakes that I make for Adi on some evenings. This is the second in her “Mommy’s cooking favorite” list.
5. Ginger chai that M makes by grinding ginger. Anyways I am not a big fan of that so unless he needs it we should be fine.
6. Coconut paste while making fish kuzhambu. I can still make do with this as I also make the non-coconut version of the kuzhambu. Thank god I don’t use coconut very often in my cooking.
7. Onion/tomato puree while cooking certain type of curries.

SS – I think I got paid off very well for teasing you for that 11pm Idli maavu blogging. I take back my words. You can make Idli maavu even at 1am.  Now, pluueezzeeee suggest me some ways to fix my mixie.

I can’t live without the dosa batter that’s my saver for dinner on most of the days 😦