No mixie weeks ahead

My mixie that has served as one of the active and primary member of my kitchen for past five years conked out few days ago. No, I don’t blame the poor thingie that served its purpose to the T all these years.  It was totally my bad.  I used the smallest jar (owe it to my damn laziness) to grind a harder substance and there it broke those four plus like plastic projections in the mixie unit that helps to hold the jar in its place. Now, if I try to place the jar and switch it on, the mixie makes wired sound and the blades doesn’t rotate 😦

I don’t have a grinder either. So, the following weeks will be no Idli/dosa weeks until amma lands here to rescue us. That also made me think what other things we would miss

1. Fresh ginger/garlic paste while cooking. I almost do this for all subzis.
2. Chutneys of all sorts. Oh wait why would I need chutney if there is no idli/dosa batter 😦
3. Rasam (I don’t know how to make rasam without grinding the tomato, whole pepper and jira)  any suggestions?
4. Milk shakes that I make for Adi on some evenings. This is the second in her “Mommy’s cooking favorite” list.
5. Ginger chai that M makes by grinding ginger. Anyways I am not a big fan of that so unless he needs it we should be fine.
6. Coconut paste while making fish kuzhambu. I can still make do with this as I also make the non-coconut version of the kuzhambu. Thank god I don’t use coconut very often in my cooking.
7. Onion/tomato puree while cooking certain type of curries.

SS – I think I got paid off very well for teasing you for that 11pm Idli maavu blogging. I take back my words. You can make Idli maavu even at 1am.  Now, pluueezzeeee suggest me some ways to fix my mixie.

I can’t live without the dosa batter that’s my saver for dinner on most of the days 😦

35 thoughts on “No mixie weeks ahead

    • I was thinking of managing for 2 weeks as amma is coming and she will bring her mixer and spare parts for mine but now I came to know about a nearby shop that has spare parts. should visit the store soon.. Btw how do you make rasam without grinding? procedure pls…

      • 1) Cook tomatoes and dal with turmeric in the cooker. Mash them well. Take a vessel, add tadka of ghee and hing and mustard and add rasam powder. Once it comes to a boil, add tamarind and the dal-tomato mixture. garnish with coriander+curry leaves.
        Alternatively, you can also use lemon in place of coriander. In this case, switch off the stove and then add lemon juice! Yummy 🙂

        2) I make this on days when I want something really really light or feeling feverish 😛 Boil tomatoes + dal + 2-3 green chillies + turmeric in the cooker. In a vessel, add tadka of ghee and jeera and hing and add this mixture. Now add pepper powder and after some boils, add lemon juice + curry leaves and coriander leaves and switch off the flame. Very soothing 🙂

        3) Boil green veggies/ moong dal/ beans + dal in the cooker. Now strain the water and use the same to make rasam like in 1).

        Use the other mixture to make sabji – just add salt and give tadka. U can also add grated coconut 🙂

      • Know what? We even prepare a brinjal rasam and the post has been lying in my drafts forever, bcoz I forget to click a pic everytime I make it 😛 Should do that soon … will give me a post for the blogging marathon too hehe 😉

  1. why do you make rasam with grinding..

    Go get a ready made sambhar/rasam powder

    Take some tomatoes..cut it into small pieces..add some imli water to it…now add some sambhar/rasam powder…let it boil so that the tomato pieces become ekdum mushy (If you dont like whole tomato pieces in rasam, you cut the tomatoes into half pieces, put some imli in it, and some sambhar powder and pressure cook this..after it becomes thanda you can just strain and use the water) you add parappu to it..and when it comes to first boil, add pepper powder to it..along with salt, kadipatta, corriander…done 🙂

    get a handle mixer/ blender for milkshakes…

    Idli maav – Darn!

    for ginger tea, use a cheese grater na…you can add grated ginger thats what I do!

  2. Hey if you have grater with you that steel thing through which we grate things manually..that will help you to grate ginger for tea and also make tomato and onion pulp for veggies…that is how I do ,when I am too lazy to use mixie/blender or there is no power..give it a try and I hope your mixie gets well soon 🙂

  3. How about getting a mortar and pestle – Target, Ikea carry them – I use it for ginger chai, rasam and also many subzis we can substitute coarsely “banged”/ground ginger and garlic from the pestle. I love it more than my mixie 🙂

  4. So sorry to learn about your loss of dear Mixie 😦
    Pound the ginger gently before adding to tea . Mortar pestle helps greatly, in case you have one else make use of your hand blender for puree and milk shakes 🙂
    Happy Pongal Ani

  5. How about the magic bullet? Its pretty inexpensive compared to a full blown mixie and works well for chutneys and smoothies and ginger paste etc. and all the coconut grinding. I don’t take my mixie out unless for some large quantities. ( i always worry about replacement parts !) I agree with you about dosa maavu saving dinner .This is what I do for Dosa maavu , just grind the ulundu in the magic bullet , about a cup and add to 2 cups of rice powder and water, Instant and no mixie needed. -preethi

    • that’s what I am using now.. the magic bullet.. thanks to the neighborhood aunty.. did I say I love it? I am planning to get one.. Its so easy to use.
      one doubt on the dosa maavu. should we leave the mixture to ferment after mixing the rice powder and grinded ulundu or can it be used right away?

      • Magic bullet is cool na and you get the replacement base if it breaks on amazon 🙂 I usually use the maavu right away, will taste a bit like arisi maavu dosai the first night. next day lunch tastes better after fermentation. oh ulundu needs soaking at least for sometime before grinding, i forgot to mention.

        • I am loving it.. I might even buy one even if my mixie is fixed.. so easy and simple to handle.. I will definitely try this maavu very soon.. thanks preethi.. 🙂

  6. Oh that’s an inconvenience! Do you have a hand mixer, I have a friend here who uses that for grinding idli/dosae batter, hard work but works. And for the jeera-pepper combo for rasam I use a mortar-pestle and grate the tomato!

    • mortar pestle sounds like the good idea.. I will get that soon.. In the mean time an aunty from neighborhood had given her spare magic bullet blender..thanks chattywren

  7. Why wait till amma comes? I am sorry to hear about the mixie. Ashoo, hugs!
    You can use a mortar pestle like what ME said and pund them like crazy. I am pretty heavilty dependent on mixer myself and so I can feel your loss!

    Dosa maav – no choice – buy readymade 😛

  8. Uh-ohh….life without mixy can be very hard…
    well once in hyderabad, i could not run mixy because of lack of power. Then my MIL came up with the idea of grating onions and tomatoes for the curry.
    I use mortar and pastle to get fresh chili, ginger or garlic paste.
    For Jeera, elaichi or such small stuff you can use your rolling pin (Belan) to get the powder.
    Meanwhile i would suggest you also keep a hand blender for smaller things and milk shakes.

    • what idea did MIL have to grate onions and tomatoes? After using magic bullet for few days I am really thinking of buying one of that.. Its very cool and easy to handle..

    • oops.. I luckily got spare parts from the nearby Indian street and fixed mine..
      Is it an Indian mixie? do you have Indian electronics shop nearby? give it a try..
      Otherwise get this magic bullet..Its very good.. hugs LF

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