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Wishing one and all a very happy Pongal/Sankranti.

We discussed about the significance of Pongal festival with Adi and did pooja at home in the morning. The discussion also included about God and there she had some questions that I couldn’t answer but that’s for another post 🙂

I slept very late (after 12am) on Sunday night as there was some sundry task to be done and then woke up around 6:30am on 14th morning to make preparations for the Pooja. Didn’t have a good sleep throughout the night. Woke up at least like five times in between.

For the Pooja, I made Sakkarai Pongal (sweet), Ven Pongal (karam) and coconut chutney.  The previous day, when I was contemplating about calling the neighborhood aunty to ask if she can help to grind the coconut for chutney (I was planning to send M and Adi to their house with the coconut and other items to be grinded), the uncle called and asked me not to cook, that aunty is making chicken curry and he will bring it in less than an hour.  Should I call it a coincidence or my lucky day?  ‘coz we don’t talk very often especially during winter season.  I told him about our mixie situation and there in next one hour the aunty was at our door step with a box full of chicken curry and her spare blender (magic bullet).  She generously said that I can use it for next one week and also gave details about a nearby shop that might have spare parts for my mixer. That’s the story of the coconut chutney and thanks much to all of you who gave me useful tips in previous post.

Adi had her priorities in place like to make the chutney with red chillies (I sometimes use green chillies) and less spicy, make the ven pongal tad spicier, add more cashews to sakkarai pongal et all.. She took them for lunch today in two boxes and as usual helped me with pooja arrangements. Did I say I love this girl?

I am drafting this post on 14th afternoon but scheduling for 15th early morning. Please to ignore if I sound cranky or senseless. I am working from home and want to take a nap now. My eyes are half shut already but the problem is if I get indulged in this siesta now then I will not get proper sleep at night. What should I do now? Take a nap or not? Blessed are the ones who can sleep in the day and night.

Last year, for Pongal I made a detailed post about how I used to celebrate this festival during childhood days at my native village.

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Looks like I can’t keep the snooze land (thanks RM) away for a long time. Let me visit it for a power nap. See ya tomorrow!!!!!

Stay happy and healthy.