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Dory laying eggs

Looking at the way we are taking care of Dory (the fighter fish) our neighbors gave us a choice to keep Dory with ourselves but I didn’t want to take up the long term commitment at this stage so the deal is that we will keep it as long as Adi wants to.

Over to the conversation

Adi: Amma, how nice would it be if Dory lays eggs and we get more fishes?
Amma: No pappa, it will not happen unless it mates (wondering self if she know what mate means)
Adi: Yeah, you are correct. It has to mate to lay eggs and runs away.
Amma: A big sigh of relief!!!!!!!
Adi: bounces back in few seconds.. But, amma what should it do to mate?
Amma: It needs a male fish.
Adi: And then, what happens?
Amma: Pappa, you may not understand it now. I will explain the details to you when you are ten years old okie?
Adi: But, is it true for all creatures? Should male and female mate to lay eggs or have babies?
Amma: Yes !!!!!
Adi: Okay then, I may not understand about the fish mate but at least explain to me about what happens with humans. Please, please, please, pretty please
Amma: *rolling eyes heavily*  Okay, the male has sperms and that has to get into the female’s body and meet the eggs in her ovary to conceive a baby. Clear?
Adi: Yes, I understand but how does the thing get into female’s body?
Amma: To understand that you have to be ten years old pappa. Can we please continue this topic when you are old enough to understand?
Adi: **shrugs her shoulder** and moves on with a swift “Okie”
Amma: Holds on to the nearest chair to save herself from passing out…

there were other questions also like

“Do we have to be married to have a baby?”

“Is that’s why you married Appa, to have me?”

“But, why should you marry him for that, why can’t you guys just live together?”

I hope she forgets all those questions that I keep procrastinating as ten years old thingie.. Not that I don’t want to discuss. I will definitely discuss all these topics with her but when it is appropriate and I have prepared myself better.

This time, did I do a fair job when the questions were shot out of the blue? What do you guys think? How should we handle such questions? What is the appropriate age to discuss?