Archive | January 18, 2013

Biriyani out of service

I have this habit of calling Adi as “Biriyani” sometimes. Don’t ask me how I came up with this name. May be I suddenly developed a craving for Biriyani and started calling her like that.. I have no clue.

On a Sunday afternoon, the family had sumptuous lunch and settled at their own spots comfortably minding their own business.

Amma (In bedroom): Pappa, inga konjam vaayaen (Adi, can you come here?)
Adi (In Living room): No response
Amma (after 5 mins): Pappa, inga konjam vaayaen (Adi, can you come here?)
Adi: No response
Amma (after 5 mins): Biriyani, please inga konjam vaayaen (Biriyani, can you please come here?) 
No response
Amma (after 5 mins): Biriyani, please konjam en laptop battery eduthu thamma (Biriyani, can you please get my laptop’s battery?)
Adi: No response
Amma (after 5 mins): Biriyani, ippo vara poria illaya (Biriyani, are you gonna come now or not?)
Adi (on a frustration tone):  Biriyani innikku out of service !!!!!! (Biriyani is out of service today).

Amma laughed to her heart’s content for next 10 mins and then got up to get the battery by herself… Apparently the girl was glued to the idiotic box and didn’t want to be disturbed.

We still recollect this incident when all we need is a good laugh…