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Weekend updates

The last weekend was lil different with some outings and trying new cuisine after a long time.

Saturday –¬†We went to the local mall where Adi attended a kids event based on dinosaurs theme. She had fun for around two hours making macaroni dino, painting dino eggs and listening to couple of dino stories. That’s the girl with her dino mask. Remember the sweatshirt she is wearing? Its the one that Santa gave to her this year ūüôā


Then, we decided to try out this new restaurant very close to our home. We have always seen waiting line on this restaurant. It gave us that “Saravana bhavan” feeling while looking at the crowd waiting outside indefinitely. Still, it took us more than a year to step in. It was a Philippine restaurant. Heard as one of the very popular chain of hotel at Philippines. This is our very first time trying out an altogether different cuisine and we ordered

French fries – the only appetizer we could identify and order from the list.

Pancit Canton – egg noodles stir fried with shrimp and veggies.
Half fried chicken
Laing Tilapia – tilapia fish fillet deep fried in a rich batter, topped with Laing (taro leaves).
Sisig chicken –¬†chicken chopped to bits and cooked with onions, celery and mayonnaise topped with chili fingers.
1 cup of garlic rice

Buko pandan Рtender coconut with green gelatin, cooked tapioca and a scoop of ice cream on top.

Buko juice – coconut juice with tender coconut strips.

Food was edible and not bad. Though we didn’t really enjoy it managed to not waste anything. We were the only Indians at the restaurant surrounded by big gangs of Filipino people and only them. They were busy in butchering steak and pork whereas we indulged our tummy with fish and chicken.

After lunch, strolled to the library to renew Adi’s books and then reached home. Watched a movie online and guess what I did in the evening? I threw up all the food and got an earful from M. After all, it was my idea to try that restaurant on that day. Then, settled down with a glass of lemon juice and went to sleep.

Sunday – Adi had dental appointment to fill some of her tooth. The dentist was so cool, kept the little girl engaged all through the procedure and filled only few tooth. We may have to go for few more sittings to fill the rest. As I have mentioned earlier if there is one thing that tops my worry list about Adi, its her tooth. Hope, at least we take good care of the permanent ones.

I woke up early, made her favorite yellow bean kuzhambu, rice and papad so that she can eat before going for the appointment. This is one food that the girl eats till the last grain.

We came back, had lunch and lazed around till evening.

This was the main reason for my yesterday’s post to get reshaped into a rant. As evening was nearing I got all worked up as none of the weekend chores was done. Luckily, Monday was a holiday for Adi and myself. Still, we already had plans for Monday. Adi has review exam all days this week and her science project is due on Thursday. We were planning to review for test and do science project on Monday. So, I reluctantly collected myself up, washed/dried clothes at 8pm, swept/cleaned the house at 9pm, blogged/blog hopped at 11pm and went to bed at 1am.

Monday – ¬†Woke up earlier than usual, packed M’s dabba as he had work, sorted out the dried clothes, made pancakes for Adi’s breakfast. Once the girl woke up we had breakfast together and then started with the science project. I will do a separate post on that project once she presents it at school. The whole day was pretty much spent on the project and reviewing for the test. Oh, and the girl read books for like two hours today. She got a note from school to read for 6 hours to win a free ticket to six flags. She has so far recorded around five hours in the reading slip.

I was also planning to bake chocolate chip cookies with her today but there was no time. Most of our her time was spent on the paper work for science project itself. She worked from like 11:30am till 7:00pm with only two half hour break. Tomorrow she has Maths and Science test. Hope she does well.

Just for laugh: 

A pearl of wisdom from the little girl to me

Adi: Amma, why do you always smile when you talk?
Amma: really?
Adi: Yes, you even smile when you talk about sad things.
Amma: No, I don’t. May be I smile when I say nice stuff to you that way you will also feel good.
Adi: Yeah, but remember don’t get too much excited about everything okie? It is okay to smile just once in a while. Otherwise you will go crazy about everything.
Amma: !@#$%^&*

Have a wonderful week everyone…