Archive | January 23, 2013

Happiness is

when you make a quick visit to a local store to buy something specific and chance upon something that’s in your “to buy” list for a long, longer time 🙂 🙂

See what is adorning one corner of my kitchen counter top now. Cups holder in brass…

I am in love with this corner now 🙂


Just for laugh:

This time it was M. Looks like this girl is taking turns on us.

We were at my doctor’s office and the other two were playing with the weighing machine as we were waiting for the doctor.

At my absence
M: Checks his weight. The scale shows something above 200 pounds
astonished Adi: Oh my god!!! Only an elephant can weigh so much!!!!!
M: Swiftly gets down the scale and takes his seat.

After a while (at my presence)
M: Do you think our bed is enough for all three of us? You are growing pappa.
Adi: (not missing a beat) Yeah that’s true.. elephants should probably sleep in their own bed… Its not me but you are growing appa!!!
M: !@#$%^&*

I had a good hearty loud laugh forgetting that we were at a public place though later I corrected the girl that she should not tease her appa as elephant anymore and she readily agreed. 

fyi – M is 6 feet tall and looks fit (just looks okie) for his height. He needs serious workout to be really fit.