Exploring Indian Mythology

After all that reading of Indian mythology children books about Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva and drawing the representation of some of the Indian god the little girl now has some questions that I am struggling to answer with enough justification.

1. Why is God’s skin in blue color generally?

2. Why do each artist draw the same God in different way and different colors?

3. Who is Vishnu’s wife? Why does he have different wife in different avatars?

4. Why do God’s have many wives?

5. Why did Kamsa kill all the kids if only the 8th kid of Vasudeva and Devaki is a threat to him?

6. Why do you put that white and red stuff (she is referring to Vibhuthi and Kumkum) in your forehead after praying to God amma?

7. Will whatever we pray to God really happen for sure?

Saving the best for the last

8. Is God real amma?

Can someone help me plueezzzzeeee?


Just for laugh

The girl is not disappointing me ever since I started writing this section. Today it was again M’s turn

She was getting ready to read for the 6 hour reading program and the ritual is one of us have to press “Start” in the stopwatch of my iTouch exactly when she starts reading. You see, she doesn’t want to press Start and then start to read as that means she is cheating for that one second. Today, as it is supposed to be M’s turn he volunteered to press Start.

Adi said she would say “Go” when ready and he has to press Start. He was all ready with the stopwatch screen and the index finger very close to the Start button and all that. The girl sat next to him, opened the first page of the book, looked at both of us and said “Cupcake”. By this time M pressed Start. Then, she was teasing him as why did he press start when she didn’t say “Go”.  She was like “Appa don’t you know how a “Go” sounds like?”

The look on his face cracked me up totally 😀 😀 😀


16 thoughts on “Exploring Indian Mythology

  1. You life is much simpler Ani. Here is a sample of questions I have to face
    If Krishna was not married to Radha, why did he roam about with her? Any answers? 😛
    LOL on the last one 🙂

  2. Now thats a difficult list of questions 🙂 Good luck with the answers Ani 🙂 I remember bugging my mom with quite similar quesions whenever she told me stories. I had the same question abt Kamsa too.. My mom then said.. He was too afraid any child born to his sister would be a threat to him.. I never accepted her answer 😛

    The last one cracked me up too 😀

    • that’s another thing right? accepting the answer.. if screw up myself as the girl comes up with 10 questions from my answer to the first question 😦 so have to be really careful in articulating my answer 🙂

  3. Question about God are so very difficult to answer. I am not sure what to say to any of those. Will wait and think them through time my time comes. 🙂

    The last part was just so cute 🙂

    • kids these days are way different from us garima.. add me to your club too.. whatever amma said was true for me and I used to just believe them not raising much questions.
      however its good in a way that she is questionining.. it helps me to learn too 😉

  4. I remember taking a looooooong break from Hindu stories when my kid asked, ” Hmm…….so Hanuman set fire to Lanka to distract the guards?” Big Red Flag right there !

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