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Whoooaaaaa!!!! This is my 300th post. A post that I am supposed to do after many many months given the snail pace at which I was posting at this site. A big big thanks to the blogging marathon and everyone associated with it who made this miracle happen.


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The main character of this blog is Adi and the purpose of this blog is to record her milestones and special moments. This blog is her online journal which I am planning to gift to her someday. So, one post per week was more than enough and I was content with that.  But, as days passed there crept in a category as “myownself” and “incidents” and without my knowledge I have started writing about things that caught my interest.

As an individual, I cannot confidently say that I am one hundred percent true to this blog.  I don’t record all the aspects of my life here. There are grey areas in my life that have appalled me beyond imagination and I have refrained from talking about them in this blog.  I hardly write about my opinion on social issues as when I analyze them I tend to associate them with my life thereby not able to process unbiased thoughts about the issue. There exists unanswered questions that shatters my core values of life and I am still struggling to come to terms with them. I don’t know if I would ever succeed in conquering them and this blog never showcased that side of me.  Alright, there I got it out of my system. Something that I wanted to confess in this blog for a long long time.

But, as a mother, I have been one hundred and one percent true to this blog. This blog represents my transformation as a mother ever since Adi was 2.5 years old. The journey has been incredible and reading the archive is always like travelling in the time machine. It never fails to transform me to the past, to those precise moments of happiness which I would have long forgotten if this blog didn’t exist. I am glad to have captured them to cherish for rest of my life and hope to continue with this for many many years to come. This blog represents my life as a mother. No matter how bad my day is or how much of my emotions are drained and tested, the moment this blog is opened the mother in me gushes out and occupies every cell of my body. I enter into a new world where I can even do a post about a funny incident about my child when the inner self is battling with grey areas of life.

There are certain things in this world which will spread only positive vibes and makes you feel good about yourself. It can never go wrong. Blogging is one such activity. I had never thought or learned anything negative from this blog world. It only shaped me as a better person by time and have introduced me to wonderful and lovely people I have earned for lifetime.

Thanks to all the goodness that blog world offered me. Not to mention, I have definitely improved on my vocabulary and the way of expressing myself.

All you readers, your encouraging words and comments are the heart beat of this blog. I don’t know about others but if I had not received feedback for my posts in the form of comments I would have shut this blog down long back and that is the truth to be accepted from my heart.

“Thank you” is a small token of my gratitude and love to you all.

I thought of writing a mushy mushy happy post for 300 but this one sounds like a mixed bag of emotions.

“Thank you” all once again for making this happen.

Blogging, bloggers, readers and commenters rock… Happy blogging to everyone out there !!!!!!!!!