Pancakes upgraded

Last week, Adi and I were watching Food Network. Have I mentioned it before? Its one of our pass time, to watch Food Network. We are a different combo that way.

So, last week as we were watching a show in this channel, a lady from family owned local restaurant shared her restaurant’s trademark pancake recipe. Adi loved it and was requesting if I can fix it for her weekend breakfast. I agreed. Ingredients were bought on Saturday by M and I made this for her Sunday breakfast.

What I like about this girl is the way she sportively accepts when I try to explain something to her. She wanted this special breakfast on Saturday morning and was about to reach peak madness when I said I can’t make it. Then, I made her sit next to me, explained patiently as I can’t make it because not that I don’t want to but we don’t have the ingredients and strawberries at home, Β promised to ask M to buy them on the same day and make the breakfast on Sunday. Though, she was upset she understood, agreed and settled with cheese sandwich for Saturday’s breakfast.

Over to the recipe. It is a simple but upgraded version of pancake to make it look appealing for the kids.

Pancake flour
Flavored yogurt
Blueberries or any kind of berries/fruits that your kid likes.

1. Prepare the pancake batter and make pancakes. Make it slightly bigger so that it would be easier to fold on both sides with stuffing inside.

2. Smear flavored yogurt over the pancake. We used one Go-Gurt tube. The actual recipe used vanilla flavored fresh cream.

3. Fill the middle with fruits of your choice. Cut them into tiny pieces and contrast color fruits are better. We used Strawberries and blueberries.

4. Fold it on both sides as shown in the picture. It sticks well because of the yogurt filling. Top it with another layer of fruits.

5. Add granola on the top. Β We didn’t have granola at home so topped it with the “oma podi” (sev) brought by ammachi (grandma). That was our twist to the recipe πŸ™‚ You can even pour maple syrup or pancake syrup over the fruits if your kids like syrup flavor.


Adi loved it and polished off 3/4 of it within minutes. The quantity was a little too much for her so I ended up feeding her the remaining after a while. But, I am sure that she would ask for this special breakfast again.



19 thoughts on “Pancakes upgraded

  1. wow that looks amazing Ani..and yes I am yet to comment on the other posts..will do them at leisure when I read them πŸ™‚ but this one is yummmmmmmmm

    PS – R and I love watching masterchef, highway on the plate, all food related eh?

  2. K and I love watching these shows as well. Awesome it looks Ani ! I knwo what to do with my pancake flour now πŸ™‚ can try with waffles as well, no? cannot really roll them but well πŸ˜›

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