Archive | January 30, 2013

Starving madness

This happened last to last week when Adi and I were returning home in the evening. It was not that one day but happens on most of the evening these days. I pick her up and as we step out of the school and it starts

Adi:Amma, do you have anything to eat?
Amma: No pappa, we will reach home in 15 minutes. Then, you can have whatever you want.
Adi: I am starving amma. Can you please buy me something from the shop?
Amma: If I go to a shop to buy something then we might miss the bus and it will get late to reach home. We have loads of snacks at home. Just bear with it for few minutes and we will reach home by then. I can even fix your dinner itself really quick.

I repeat the same line every single time this happens. Seriously every single word in spite of being aware that my words are not going to cool the situation.

By this time we reach the bus stop

Adi: “Holding her tummy” Hmmmm I am starving, starving, starving!!!!!

The lady or others waiting in the bus stop stares at us mostly at me. I can hear their mind voice saying “cruel mom”.

Those five minutes seems like five yuga to me as I stand their impatiently with the girl who pulls my dress and keeps chanting “starving, starving, starving”. I try my best to avoid those stares which is uncommon at US. People usually mind their own businesses here but who wouldn’t stare if a kid acts like this in public?

We board the bus and this girl continues to repeat the same so now the staring from few people will be extended to the whole bus !!!! Okay not the whole bus but at least people in our vicinity to whom this girl’s chanting is audible. My annoyance grows every passing second but I am forced to maintain my zen state by gritting teeth with nobody’s notice.

We get down the bus and reach home.

Amma: Pappa, I can fix a quick dinner or can reheat the food in the fridge by the time you get refreshed. Let me know what you want.
Adi: NNOOOOO !!!!! I don’t want anything and settles in the couch without even removing the shoes.
Amma: Aren’t you starving?
Adi: No response
Amma: So, were you lying?
Adi: No response and tears flow down her cheeks.

I go about with my chores and the girl takes her own time to get back to normal, refreshes herself and comes to kitchen for her snack. It might take anywhere from 15 minutes (on lucky days) to one hour. All this while, I keep mum and continue with my evening chores.

I think all she needs is to buy something from the shop and I must admit that she is getting too much addicted to snacks these days. To those individually wrapped chocolate flavored bars, oreo cookies, go gurts and crackers. I pack two snacks everyday to her school and then she gets one more at home in the evening. So, three snacks per day. Is it healthy? I am not happy with this at all.

That’s the reason I am not even carrying anything with me to give her at school after pick up. That will only increase her snack intake count by one more.

Even on weekends when we have family lunch she will munch her food for a long time, leaves half the food on the plate. When asked she will say she is really really full and cannot take even one more scoop of food but the very next minute she will ask what’s for dessert eyeing the snack cupboard.

I want her to eat more meal portions and intake less snack. Is there any trick for this?  Any suggestions?

How many snacks do your kids eat per day and what all do you give for snacks?