Fun ride and a break

Wowww !!!! I can’t believe that I participated in a month long blogging marathon and completed it. It is something I never imagined to sail through until last month.  I have seen bloggers doing NaBloPoMo and always told self that its not for me and I can never do that or even make an attempt but today proved me wrong. Thanks to LLT for initiating this and SnS for pulling me in.

I must admit that I was able to do this only because this month the work load was not at its peak and I was working from home on most days that saved my daily commute hours.

The way I did this was whenever a topic comes to my mind I will add it to the draft and start composing the post on my mind. Everyday, whenever I get a chance during daytime I will pick one of the topic from the draft, start composing it for next day, complete it before going to bed and schedule it for 1 am next day. If there was more time then I had scheduled posts for 2 days too. During the last few days the list in my draft was coming down and surprisingly this was the last post from my draft. It reminded me of Archer’s novel “Not a penny more not a penny less”. I didn’t count the draft items to match it with no. of days and it just happened. Had it been even one more day in January I would have racked my brain for a topic. Isn’t that cool? Talk about simple joys of life 🙂

It was a fun ride all through this month where blogging and bloggers occupied the brain cells most part of the day. You yearn for something special to happen and always watch out for moments that stand out so that you can make a post out of it. In retrospect, I am not able to recollect all my 31 posts and still pinching myself to check if its real.

Thanks to you all and kudos to all the bloggers who have attempted this marathon. A big salute to all bloggers who had hectic work schedule, travel plans and other unexpected happenings and yet put in their best efforts to be part of this marathon. It feels like going away from a close knit where we were in touch through our words every single day.

With this I will take a break for a while until there is a significant update to be made 😉 though I will try to be active in reading your posts.

Will miss you guys very badly. Take care you all and have a wonderful February.

Tata for now,


18 thoughts on “Fun ride and a break

  1. Congratulations 🙂 I too read most of your posts and enjoyed reading them.. In a way, am thankful as you could give us so much to read 🙂 Happy blogging!

  2. My comment is gone 😦
    Yay to all of us 😛 😛
    It’s good to have drafts atleast; I am somehow now in the habit of having any! I write only when I have something to say and finish it off then and there too. Only a few recipes make it to the drafts folder when I forget or am too lazy to click pics, which is also very very rare.

  3. Same here Ani, I too have wondered at these NaBloPoMo (whew, tongue twister) and if I could ever do it, but feel good to have done. Enjoyed reading such a variety of posts and lives all across. So we will wait for your next update and take good care!

  4. Congrats on completing the blogathon Ani 🙂 I know how hard it is come up with a post, when there are 100 other things keeping you busy at a time! Enjoy your break and come back with more stories 🙂

  5. Wow ani really a great job done congrats….and wishing you all the very best.will miss you and your mails…come back soon with a big news 🙂

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