Random updates

  • So far so good.. LHB is an easy maintance guy who cries only if he needs something and can be pacified within minutes. All you have to do is put him on your shoulders and pat for few minutes. I guess he has taken after his mom’s genes what say πŸ˜‰
  • Akka has given him a sweet pet name that we have decided to use at home. M did not agree to this name but the girls decided.
  • LHB started responding at 2.5 months and gives that cute bokka vai* wide grin. Sometimes akka goes cross as he doesn’t respond to her consistently. He is turning to be a man of moods. He would simply stare at you if he is not in mood no matter what you do to make him smile.
  • I have started work this week and it feels beyond great to be back at my desk and reconnectΒ with fellow colleagues.
  • I am pumping at work and LHB is still on my milk. For first two days we used the freezer stash and now the routine is set to use the pumped milk next day.Β touchwood touchwood !!!! breast pump is a blessing. Seriously!!
  • Amma is looking after LHB that gives me peace while staying away from home.
  • Akka is doing good in general and if anyone wants to see a doting big sis please feel free to visit our home. She is playing the role at its best and outperforms herself every single day. Again touchwood touchwood !!!! M says I am speaking too soon and we should wait till the day LHB gets on to her nerves.
  • Akka’s birthday is around the corner and I have got something up my sleeve. Hope I get to execute them and make her happy. Its a challenge for self too. fingers crossed. More details will follow after execution.Β Please wish me good luck.
  • Β I am now enjoying the state of peace before the storm. Storm details are unknown yet but there is definitely one in next few months. I am literally cherishing every moment that will transform into beautiful memories.
  • Our backyard has been cleaned by the new supervisor. His family took in charge recently and the elderly couple of the family are doing wonders to our backyard. I felt ashamed when they took turns in cleaning the yard. The husband spent one full day to clean and the wife spent another full day to plant flowers and decorate with a small red bench and other cute little stuffs. I will post a picture soon. They did barbecue last weekend inviting their friends and extended families.Β He keeps the common area sparking clean these days. Hats off to him and his wife.Β Their energy is something to learn.
  • I have moved on to feedly. How about you guys?
  • I started with “Ponniyin Selvan” but have suspended reading for a while as most part of time at home is spent by chatting with amma. Even after three months of staying together all day and night we have not run out of topic yet. Β I would never get these golden days back.
  • I am still sleep deprived and looking for every little chance to drop down.
  • Family’s recent addiction is Food Network. We watch Restaurant Impossible, Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Sweet Genius. Occasionally we watch the day shows like Paula’s cooking and Barefoot Contessa too. Β The height is Adi finishes her homework real fast to watch Sweet Genius. I wouldn’t call it as quality time but at least the family gets to spend one hour together in the living room chatting during ad breaks and guessing on who will win. Β I say this is far better than the girl watching disney channel teen sitcoms. To name a few of her favorites – Jessie, Austin & Ally, Good luck charlie, Dog with a blog, A.N.T farm, Shake it up and what not..

*bokka vai – In literal meaning its toothless mouth.


32 thoughts on “Random updates

  1. A big kalatikka post this is. lHB and akka are so sweet. What is the name she kept? I was happy too to get back to work when Chcuky was 2months, yes breast pump Rocks .my birthday is around the corner too πŸ™‚ do upload the pic eager to see them.. I have moved to Feedly like it a lot ..

    • she named him “Sweeto” as she is “Sweety” πŸ™‚ I don’t know is there something in Spanish like all male names end with a “o” sound. She says so!!!
      happy happy birthday LF..

  2. LHB, please stay the easy maintance guy you are. Don’t trouble Amma too much OK?
    Akka, you are the best πŸ™‚
    Anni, you joined work already? Hope you have an easy time of it. I used to be happy that I was still feeding the kids, but I used to hate the pump with a vengeance. God, I did not like it at all. I am glad you find it a blessing πŸ™‚
    All the best on Adi’s birthday plan and have a blast while Amma is with you guys.
    I moved to ‘TheOldReader’. Like it till now! πŸ™‚

    • my first find was “TheOldReader” but somehow got pulled into feedly with feedback from friends and bloggers.. Pump does test the patience but as you said it gives a sense of satisfaction as we can still feed the baby while staying away from home. Thanks for your wishes Comfy.. fingers crossed on the bday plans..

  3. Feels so good to see a post from you. LHB is a darling isnt he? I can so imagine that bokka vai smile and akka getting cross for not responding consistently to her. Advance happy birthday to Adi πŸ™‚ Good luck to you on executing the plan well πŸ™‚

  4. such a cute post..big kala tikka to the post and the kids…
    Looks like yesterday I read your post ‘Oxymoron’ and its already 4 months after LHB was born…time sure flies πŸ™‚

    • yep time flies in jet speed garima.. I still feel that I just got discharged from the hospital and the little fella is already gonna touch 100 days and my little girl is going to turn 8 in a week’s time!!!! hope your health is well. take care dear..

  5. he he peace before storm, don’t worry, little one will not disturb you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ advances wishes to little girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ponniyin selvan!! you touched it at the wrong time dear, its sucha big story and if you get addicted, I say its hard to come out.

    • i agree chipmunk. I touched the book at wrong time and now full of guilt that I was not able to continue with that 😦
      oh the peace before storm is not about LHB.. there are few more changes going on around..

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