There she asked last evening “Amma is it true that once you grow older your pee turns into blood and you have to use pads to save your dress???”

It took me few seconds to respond but I am glad I handled it quite well instead of goofing up. It was totally an unexpected moment. I took a deep breath and said “Yes, its true though you may get it only for 3 to 4 days a month and its called menstruation”. With that we moved on to our own work. One of her schoolmate was the source for her.

Note to self and fellow mommies:

1. Don’t worry about how to initiate the talks rather prepare yourself to handle the questions at unexpected moment.

2. It makes it easier to talk about it as science and more importantly in not-a-big-deal tone.

3. Acknowledge and keep the talk brief. No matter what you do, the moment they raise the question give full attention to them and respond to all their questions briefly.

4. If you are not able to respond at that moment simply say “Yes, what you have heard is true but shall we talk about it after a while? Then, remember to talk about it when both are involved in some task like while folding clothes together or chatting in general. The child should be in a state of mind to ask more questions. Probably start with some general talk and then move on to the specific topic. Check with them if they want to talk about it before proceeding. Maintain the casual tone throughout the talk.

5. Don’t explain in detail unless they are ready to listen.

There could be better ways to handle this but these are my first hand experience. Hope this helps someone someday…

Adi doesn’t want me to kiss her in public and says “don’t embarrass me” if I call her by cute names or act weird in public.  I am missing those days when simple yet weird acts like a swift dance move, a jump here and there, saying “yo-yo in rap style” made my girl laugh. Today they embarrass her. I don’t want my little girl to grow up so fast!!!!! I am not ready to accept her as a grown up yet.


P.S: I am behind by few days on clearing my reader and responding to comments. Will get to it soon.  I will also make a separate post on the fruit themed party. Thank you all for the birthday wishes to Adi…


22 thoughts on “My-oh-my!!!!

  1. You did so well Ani. And I bet I will come back to this posts a few years down the line when similar questions will come my way.

    Happy Belated birthday to Adi. Hope she had fun 🙂

    • thanks Comfy.. If not for blogging and blog world I would not have handled it like this.. I must admit that I have learned so much about parenting from blog world..

  2. You just did it right! Will bookmark this post and come back when I am in need of it in future 😀

    I remember amma talking to me about it during those years.. I was always a kid that was taller and fully grown for my age. Right from when I was 9, Amma must have had the urge to talk to me expecting it might happen anytime. When amma called me into a room to discuss abt it (I clearly remember) Amma was almost trembling.. not knowing what to share and what not to share. I got the point.. but couldnt understand why I was given this gyan all of a sudden. Thinking of those days now, I guess amma did her best 😀 Being the first child has advantages as well as disadvantages.. You wouldnt know what to expect unlike the second kid, who grows seeing the first one.

  3. Thanks Ani for sharing it here, I am sure I will come across similar questions in future, considering Chucky is very much like Adi. I am sad to hear I will not be able to show those love expressions in public as she grows. I remember when I was growing I used to get arguments with mom when she does things in public, but back home I always loved pampering .. Life takes a complete cycle it’s so true 🙂

  4. Have been in the middle of some sticky explanations too, this post has some great pointers. It’s true, giving a satisfactory response while at the same time not getting into detailed, unasked for explanations is not easy for us.

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