Go with the flow

**Alert – Incoherent thoughts…

Just go with the flow. Don’t hold on to grudges and act abnormal. Be your own self.  Easier said than done haan? I totally understand that its very hard to act the way you want to be when the receiver is not reciprocating even one tenth of it.

Although I give you this piece of my mind every now and then I am myself confused.  You win by confusing me don’t you?

I only wish to answer all your cornering questions and shut you down for once. Hope it just doesn’t die as a wish.

Yes, you the evil who jumps up high when triggered by external forces.  Its the good that is pleading you, please please allow me to be my own self !!!!



12 thoughts on “Go with the flow

    • just the thoughts that I have been mulling over for a while now after reading a FB msg that said “Don’t react, respond”
      I am realizing that responding changes the whole perception of the situation and the good part of us responds whereas evil takes over when we react.. am I confusing you more? 🙂

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