A day to forget

That was last weekend when it looked like the stars of entire family took all possible twists and turns.

LHB catching cold. My heart sinks to see the 3 month old fight with cold, cough and difficulty to breathe.

Microwave refusing to produce heat waves.

Washer conking out with overload of clothes.

Part of dining room ceiling kissing the ground.. Β Fortunately it was just two minutes before the fall Adi and I moved away from that place.. Just the thought of “what if someone was standing there?” is enough to stay awake all night.

Work speeding up with late nights and early mornings..

The family is still coping up with the situation and cannot further take in even a miniscule change..

Who said “One at a time”? We exist to prove them wrong!!!!!



39 thoughts on “A day to forget

  1. Goodness!! What a nightmare! So glad that you are all fine. Hope LHB is better now. It is indeed, torturous to watch lil babies suffer:(


  2. sheer gods grace I must say!! try fixing up with some other apartment dear, after all safety is what we are looking for…….. I will pray that LHB will breathe easy too soon and the cold vanish asap!!! take care!!! hope everything fix soon!!!

      • smile girl πŸ™‚ eveything is coming back to normal πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ hope all will set right soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ismile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ has LHB plays with his mouth, his saliva saying in parts of his face, it will leads to cold!!!

    • looks like water was leaking internally in the ceiling for a while now and it gave up last weekend.. only saving grace was that there was no physical harm!!

  3. Hope all’s well now. That sure was a scary day.
    How’s LHB feeling now?? I am glad you & Adi weren’t around the dreadful spot when the piece of ceiling fell.
    Take care dear .

  4. As sorry as I am for the roof, I am glad all of you are ok. Thank God for that! How is LHB doing now? Hope he is better now.
    Take care Ani and wishing that things get better soon. Hugs!!

    • yes thank god with the loudest voice for any of us not being there.. LHB is doing good now.. I am still mulling over your latest post about diet & exercise Comfy.. I look so bad now with tummy hanging out and all other parts also doing their bits by peeping out.. worst is when people still getup from their seats for me at public transport 😦 At present I am suffering form severe self pity but not doing anything about it 😦

    • thanks LF.. How was your vacation? Have you posted about it? I haven’t logged into my reader for past 1 week and its overflowing.. every time I attempt to login, see the growing numbers and just log off.. I should clear it soon!!

  5. Sorry to hear about the roof. Take care and be strong.
    It has been ages since I visited here.. Just read all that I missed from Feb. Hope you are all good otherwise.

  6. The part about roof was scary, Thank God you are all safe πŸ™‚ Very nice blog you have and I loved the way you handled the situation when your lovely duaghter asked you about monthly cycle. Huh every mom goes through that phase it , i guess πŸ™‚ Keep writing

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