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Not so new Appa talks

A man of few words turned to be a man of chatterbox.
A man who says “what next” to cut short my conversation turned to be a man who can listen carefully for hours without uttering a word.
A man who doesn’t know the existence of “gifts” turned to be a man who showers his offspring with gifts (Mind you! only offspring).
A man who questions “what’s the big deal about moments” turned to be a man who reminds the family now and then to enjoy the moment.
A man who doesn’t believe in past and buried deep into future turned to be a man who relishes the past and lives the present.
A man who haven’t vacationed much turned to be a man who plans for upcoming holidays.
A man who hates to be corrected turned to be a man who bends himself to regulate his daughter.
A man of anti-photograph era turned to be a man who captures his daughter’s debut acts as a motion picture.

Presenting the man of our family Mr.M who is surprising me every single day with his fatherhood genes. We might best fit the other edge of being an “ideal couple” but I will never ever have a second thought to admit that he is the bestest father.

A father who stays up all night to watch his newborn.
A father who cleanups his daughter’s mess in a jiffy to save her from the mother (you thought I didn’t know about the banana milkshake spill didn’t you?).
A father who stayed in the park all day when he was kissed by Conjunctivitis so that his year old daughter doesn’t get infected.

How hard I try, I could not think of one single incident that he failed as a father. He is my biggest pillar of support in raising my kids and they are blessed to have him as their father.

Over to Mr.M who wants to talk about fatherhood in his own words.

Warning – An article from a writing challenged (is there such a word!!) person

Being a father gives a pleasant mixed feeling of both joy and responsibilities. Like most of them say, I had no clue about what I was getting into when I stepped into parenthood. When the nursing staff gave my daughter/son in my hands there was something going on within. The moment that can only be felt. I still remember the weight of my babies when I carried them for the first time and the way she responded to my touch has been etched on my memory forever..That was one of the transcendent moment of my life.

Children grow very fast.  One day I was carrying her in my arms to Subway where she was leaning on the glass window to see what her Appa is ordering. Soon after there she was tippy toeing to look over the glass window to see what her Appa is ordering. And now, I tag along with her to Subway only to swipe my card. I enjoy leaning on the same glass to see the way she orders her own customized sandwich. Its one of those delightful moment for me.

Cleaning the pee and poop was initially a big NO for me but when time proceeds I started liking it as that is one of the best time to connect with my daughter having random talks.

I am not a big fan of chatting over phone but as my daughter started to talk and respond to phone calls, I loved talking to her while returning from work. It instantly rejuvenates me no matter how bad the day was at work!

One of my proud moment is when I walk along the curb with my daughter holding my index finger with all her five fingers or running between my legs. Suddenly, life becomes so meaningful. It is these small acts that fills our heart with joy.

I hope to fulfill my responsibility of providing the support and strength to my kids and give my hand when they fall until they pursue their dream.

This is my 8th Father’s day after my princess promoted me and I am all set to relearn the ropes of fatherhood  with my prince who arrived this earth 4 month ago.

A very happy father’s day to all the mighty King’s, belated (better late than never) Mother’s day to all the powerful Queen’s and my love and hugs to all the lil princess and prince.

Three cheers to the power of fatherhood and all that joy that comes along with it!!!!

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Appa’s breakfast today – inspired from a FB post, prepared by Adi with ammachi’s help..

Made with chapathi, channa and ketchup..