Zentangle and Third grade Art

Thanks to Deepika of D Diaries. It is her post that triggered me to introduce Adi to the beautiful art of Zentangle.  Once in a blue moon day when we were left with nothing to do I grabbed the paper and pencil and sat with the girl to show her the art of zentangling. She liked it and came up with her art by squeezing her right brain for some creative juice.

She named her art as  “Singing ghost”. I felt the title is apt for the picture. What do you think?

Do you see those musical notes next to so called head?


And this is my attempt:


As every year tradition I have created a page for all her artwork in third grade. It includes the work done at classroom, home and the art class. Click here to see them.

I gave up clearing my Feedly reader. The unread count is 400+ at the moment. I am randomly picking up specific blogs and reading them on a day. So, don’t be surprised if you are bombarded with comments from me on a single day. 



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