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Reporting from India

We have R2I few weeks ago and kind of got settled. I wouldn’t say it was a sudden move. We have been thinking over it for a while and glad that it materialized sooner. As chaos and confusion is our family’s soul sister we had all sorts of confusion until the last minute but managed to land at India in one piece.

M left one month ahead to find, shift to the new home and set it up as I was clear that I cannot handle two home shifts at a short period with two kids in tow. So, packed him ahead as I had better control on settling down things at US than setting up at India. Hectic is a minuscule way to describe the last one month at US. 

Adi has settled quite well in her new school. She has got handful of friends and a best friend too. Kids adapt so quick. Her school is fifteen minutes away from home and she commutes in school bus. She now juggles between US accent and Indian accent while conversing in English. She went for shopping with amma to the ever famous t nagar and came home drained. The duo left home around 11am, travelled to/fro in MTC bus and came home back at 9pm. Amma says Adi is the best companion for shopping and they are already making plans for Diwali shopping. She had mehandi couple of times and loves the string of jasmine flowers that usually hangs below her pony tail.

LHB had to have a tough fight with mosquitoes but who can win this tiny creature. It left red marks at all possible places in his body and we countered it with all possible options. We now have the mosquito repellent, coil and electric bat. Every evening, FIL spends one hour in battling with them. Otherwise he is good. I am not very satisfied with his solid in-take. He eats good but I feel that I am not feeding him healthy food. As of now he depends more on Lactogen and Cerelac flavors but I want to feed him real fruits and veggies. So far I tried boiled/smashed apple and carrots. He liked them. What else can I feed him? Something that I can prepare and keep which my in-laws can feed him in the evening? Please share your suggestions.

LHB crawls to every nook and corner and chews everything that reaches his hands ranging from papers to wires to all kitchen utensils. Kitchen utensils are his best toys so far. We change the color of the tupperware box when he is bored. He tries to stand up with support, fails in the attempt, falls down and cries hard as if someone hit him. A stranger witnessing the crying scene would easily think that we are the cruels tortruing the little fella. He is becoming handful for the in-laws these days.

As far as myself, I have joined my work after three weeks of landing here. My project is yet to start so enjoying the honeymoon period. The work timings here tops my worry list as the general timings are 11am-8pm but people usually come around 12pm or 1pm and stretch beyond 11pm. Talk about working for overseas client. I am driving to my work. Woww how I missed being behind the wheels every day all these years. That’s the “me” time I get everyday and totally enjoying it singing along with the FM radio.

Please read here about our book and TV experience. I am totally off the blog world as feedly is not working at my work and I am not sure when I would get back to it considering the full time hectic job that’s ahead, new work timings, two kids and everything. We have employed a maid and cook at home and in-laws are very helpful so its not that bad but still my battery drains totally by 10pm as my day starts at 5:30am. Getting up early is not my cup of tea but I have no choice and getting used to it 😦 I am hardly using the computer at home these days.

Parents are taking turns in visiting us and I have already had two get together with friends. One with my ex-colleagues and another with my school mates. I was meeting my school mates after 18 years and it felt like as if we just had our farewell yesterday.

I started this post to write about a “must-to-record” incident related to Adi and her classmates but as usual went off tangent.  Will make it as the next post..

Oh by the way I am a Chennaite now. I mean I live at “Vandharai Vazha Vaikkum” Chennai” 🙂 It absolutely feels fantabulous to be back at home.

how are you all doing? Hope to hear back from all my regular readers.