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Its not rosy always – Contd – A twist

I couldn’t resist myself from writing about this though I am dog tired. I can’t have a peaceful sleep without sharing this with you all.

The “world’s meanest amma” continued today morning as I was waking her up early to revise for today’s assessment test and rushing her through the morning chores. Assessment test has been happening since Monday and we had the habit of giving a group exam hug and kisses before she steps out of the door. I will carry LHB and we both will hug her and in turn she will hug both of us together. A group hug as I said followed by a circle of kisses.

Today morning she refused to give me an exam hug. She only hugged LHB and left without saying bye to me. The emotional idiot in me instantly showed off my tears to the girl as she was climbing down the stairs. We departed without saying a word. I didn’t even wish her all the best. I called myself stupid a million times for rest of the day. Is it acceptable for me to get so emotional when she is going for her test? Don’t I have the very basic common sense to not to distract the kid who is about to leave for the test? These are incidents when I hate myself for not able to control my tears.

I had a long day at work today and returned home at 9pm. The girl was extra sweet for me, waited until I refreshed and gave me this. I was speechless. She promised to give me two exam hugs tomorrow morning 🙂 Now, I feel very shameful for acting as such a drama queen to a 8 year old in the morning. Will I ever grow up?  But, definitely my girl is growing up.

Love you cutie pie.. As we always say I love this, I like this and I live (love+like) this card.

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Thanks to all for your comments to my previous post.