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Dakshinchitra bullock cart – 2

Imagination has no end.. Thanks for the awesome guesses.. So, guess what the fourth graders said?

They protested boarding the cart as they didn’t want to trouble the bullock. They witnessed the man hitting the bullock with a stick to make it move during earlier rides and seems like the bullock was bleeding near its leg. So, around 50+ kids decided this together and left all the staffs in awe.

Had I been there as a fourth grader, I would have been busy in fighting for the best place in the cart.

May God bless all these kids and give them happy and healthy life..

P.S: Hope I didn’t disappoint you guys…


Dakshinchitra bullock cart

As the title says the girl went to the mentioned place for field trip. The place that’s in my favorite place list to visit with her, she visited before me. Thanks to the school.

For non-chennaites, Dakshinchitra is a heritage center that has models of south Indian villages. A visit to this place will take us back to yesteryears.  They have different traditional activites out of which one is to take a tour around the place in bullock cart. The small graders took the cart ride first and when it was the turn for the fourth graders guess what the girl and her classmates did?

Any guesses???

I will update tomorrow 😀 😀 😀

Child psychology – glad it works sometimes

Amma: Pappa, can you please do me a help?
Adi: NNOOO (totally expected)
Amma: Oh thank you so much pappa. Actually I don’t want you to do it and I was eagerly waiting for you to say No. Thank you cutie pie!!
Curious Adi: What do you want me to do?
Amma: Never mind. I didn’t want you do it and you will not do it.
Adi: No, I will do it. Tell me what is it?
Amma: Its okay pappa. Forget it
Adi: Tell me amma. what is it?
Amma: Can you do this for me? I know you will not.
Adi: I will do it (and jumps right into the task)

She doesn’t know that Amma was so desperate in getting that task done from her.

No matter how dump or innocent you were in your BC (Before Child) life, Mommy hood will give you real time training on child psychology. Agree?

I stand guilty

For passing the golden opportunities thrown my way at work citing personal constraints. This is not the first time its happening and the guiltiness manifolds every time. How I wish to grab all those opportunities not worrying about the other side of life.

For not handing over the US home to the owner in the way he expected it to be. He said the cleaning we did was not sufficient and the OCD in me took it to heart. We should have cleaned it, I mean the intricate spaces behind the refrigerator, gas stove unit and the tile floors. We lived in the house for six years.  In retrospect, I feel we should have done a better job with cleaning. The guiltiness engrossed my mind and I felt ashamed to call myself an OCD when the house owner mentioned that he was not happy with the cleaning that was done. I should have scrubbed, mopped and polished more…

For not paying heed to daughter’s request. She wants a bicycle. She wants a bed in her room. She wants to decorate and setup her room. She needs a better piano. As the uncetainity is again lifting its head in our life we have kept aside all of her wants and needs that either makes a hole in the pocket or occupies more space.

For not spending quality time with LHB. I have to admit that the second born are the poor souls. I notice that my attention is still with the first born. She takes most of my time. When he is with me he either baths or eats or sleeps or poops. All other times he is outsourced to the in-laws. Wish the fella will start demanding soon.

For always clinging tight to the feeling that I am not doing anything substantial, that I am wasting all my time. What should I do to make me feel contented is a big question to self itself. There is some feeling of emptiness lingering around my mind always. Hope it vanishes away soon..

Its one of those days!!!