Dakshinchitra bullock cart

As the title says the girl went to the mentioned place for field trip. The place that’s in my favorite place list to visit with her, she visited before me. Thanks to the school.

For non-chennaites, Dakshinchitra is a heritage center that has models of south Indian villages. A visit to this place will take us back to yesteryears.  They have different traditional activites out of which one is to take a tour around the place in bullock cart. The small graders took the cart ride first and when it was the turn for the fourth graders guess what the girl and her classmates did?

Any guesses???

I will update tomorrow 😀 😀 😀


12 thoughts on “Dakshinchitra bullock cart

  1. oh please tell me they tried some folk dancing – karagatam 🙂
    Another side of me hopes they tried kizhi josiyam but given that they are kids I hope the teachers skipped it

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