Dakshinchitra bullock cart – 2

Imagination has no end.. Thanks for the awesome guesses.. So, guess what the fourth graders said?

They protested boarding the cart as they didn’t want to trouble the bullock. They witnessed the man hitting the bullock with a stick to make it move during earlier rides and seems like the bullock was bleeding near its leg. So, around 50+ kids decided this together and left all the staffs in awe.

Had I been there as a fourth grader, I would have been busy in fighting for the best place in the cart.

May God bless all these kids and give them happy and healthy life..

P.S: Hope I didn’t disappoint you guys…


14 thoughts on “Dakshinchitra bullock cart – 2

  1. How thoughtful 🙂 🙂 🙂 I didn’t expect this out of them 🙂 kudos and hi5 to the small brains 🙂

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