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Jana gana mana on piano

Played by the little girl. She played this at Talend show at her school on Children’s day. Video was recorded on that day morning while practicing. Please ignore the milk cooker whistle and the little fella’s excitement.

PS 1 – I will soon write about the two recent meet with fellow bloggers. It was beyond awesome and I was so glad to be part of both of meets. Finally, I attended a blogger meet too **all teeth** yayyyyyy!!!!!!

PS 2 – I am not able to login to my reader these days. It has been more than two months. I sincerely apologize to all the bloggers whom I used to visit regularly and mark my presence. I hope to soon get back to it.


Blame me!

Dear Adi,

If you are hurt by anyways in recent days because of what I did to you and those hurts stays with you for long then its your mother you have to blame totally cutie pie. I didn’t have a choice and have reasons to justify. I have already explained to you, you accepted and acted like a sport. That hurted me more. Your maturity amazes and shocks me. May God bless you with healthy and happy life. 


Have tonsured the head of both kids at Tirupati. 


Happy Diwali

Happy and safe diwali to one and all..

After bursting the flower pots and chakras, Adi claims to be a firecracker expert. The girl has not seen the other side I say..

LHB was crying very badly till evening but not anymore. He now got used to the cracker bursting sounds all around..

And I made color kolam (Rangoli) at our doorstep after many many years. It took me back to my college days when I used to put those big big kolam in the month of Margazhi every night. Atleast one person crossing the street would enquire about my kolam to amma the next day. Adi picked the colors and helped with the kolam. I feel like re-living my childhood through Adi at India. She comes home and tells me excitingly about the new things she learns that were my favorite on my school days.

Thanks to IMC post by Preethi for the inspiration. It was a last minute plan after reading that post.


I made Gulab Jamun and Ribbon pakoda. Planning to make another batch tomorrow for distribution. I love festivals at India. The happiness all around is so contagious.

Happy and safe diwali to everyone again!