Blame me!

Dear Adi,

If you are hurt by anyways in recent days because of what I did to you and those hurts stays with you for long then its your mother you have to blame totally cutie pie. I didn’t have a choice and have reasons to justify. I have already explained to you, you accepted and acted like a sport. That hurted me more. Your maturity amazes and shocks me. May God bless you with healthy and happy life. 


Have tonsured the head of both kids at Tirupati. 



16 thoughts on “Blame me!

    • Iam dying on guilty though that long due pressure is now off my mind.. the girl is dealing with so many “mottai boss” comments by peers.. Hope this phase passes very soon for her!

    • hugs gb.. how are you? sorry, I am not logging into feedly at all so not able to read any of my favorite blogs 😦 hopefully soon..
      And eh do let me know if you come to chennai okie?

  1. Oh Ani… Chilll.. She is so sweet and good enough to understand…. Hugs to you. Come out of the guilt and get her happy everyday along with LHB

    • hugs Ramya.. she totally understood and her class girls are so so so supportive to her. looks like her best friend at class went over board and asked her “where did she do this?” ‘coz its so cool and she wants to do it too.. awesome girls.

  2. But but, when I met her, she seemed so cool about it..I asked her, did you mother chop off your hair, and she was like yeah whatever!

    She is super cool rey..dont worry too much..honestly I was worried that R may ask an awkward question to her, but R just took it in her stride as if its guess, it wasnt so obvious..she is a super gal..big hugs to her 🙂

    • she took it cool in public re.. I knew that she didn’t like it when she told her Appa not to do video chat with her!!
      R is a cutie pie.. loved her boldness RM and I am still pinching myself to see if its all real 🙂

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