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Chirstmas Crafts

Linking the Christmas tree and wreath we made this year to Shruti’s Artys craftsy Dec 2013 challenge.

Tree and wreath has been made with simple colorful garland bought from dollar store.  More details behind the making has been posted at IMC.



Hope all of you had wonderful Christmas!!



is growing up! He had his first special visitor yesterday and treated her so bad that Adi and I are hanging our heads down in shame. The baby doll who is 2 months younger than him visited him yesterday. He pushed her, pulled her hair and snatched his toys that she laid her hands on. He was behind her all the time only to mistreat her. He looked just like a grumpy bundle of attention seeker and jealous fellow. Not a bit more, not a bit less!!

And, he bit me, not a surprise yeah, but he bit me so hard that I could see his two maxillary central incisor’s impression on my shoulder still and it pains. Period. I lost half pound people!

I was so mad at him all day and it was visible

Adi: Amma, May I ask you something?
I: Yes amma (I call her amma too. that triggers a soothing effect)
Adi: Why were you so mad at LHB today?
I: I know, I am helpless pappa. I didn’t like the way he treated the lil girl M today.
Adi: I know, I felt embarrassed too. But, amma he is not even 1 year old. We will teach him good manners when he is ready to listen okie?
I: Hmm
Adi: **verbatim alert** Now, go to sleep. If you are still worried, tell me what can make you feel better and I will do that for you. You hardly have few hours to catch up on sleep. close your eyes and think of something nice amma…

Trust me, I can’t agree more on the verbatim alert. I am losing my zen state and the girl seems to attain it.

Did I say daughter’s are blessings from the heaven!!!

LHB is on a very strange sleeping pattern these days and giving hard times at night. No brownie points for guessing who gets cranky and cries along when he howls at midnight with M not making the situation any better. We were up at 4am on a Sunday morning eating biscuits and playing cheerfully.  Did I say I am not a morning person? Motherhood sure exists to prove us wrong. Ain’t it?

I am sleepless, restless, helpless and all other “less” of the world!!

Happiness is

when you see a set of curtains on the display, you like only that out of all the 30 odd curtains on the display, you find that its out of stock and after ten minutes of fiddling around the aisle, a salesperson comes out of nowhere and gets you two pairs of those lovable curtains from the bottom of the shelf that your eyes missed all this time.

That exactly is the moment of happiness.

Got the perfect pair of golden shade curtains with valances for the living room.

The apartment we moved in is smaller but I am loving the way the setup is coming along..


Note of thanks

The morning alarm conks off, I wake up at 6 am to step out at 6:20 am. The best part, I leave dot on time with breakfast, lunch, fruit packed and tea to savor on the go. This is only possible if you live with your mother. Thank you amma!!! I feel guilty and have no words.

I have decided to keep my work timings as 7am-4pm and the commute to work is 1:30 hours one way. Go figure! I cannot afford to repeat this wake up late drama again. Wish me luck people, loads of it and warn my morning alarm to be loyal to me.

I don’t blame the alarm fully too. May be I was deep into my wild dreams that the alarm sound didn’t reach my brain. I don’t know what happened exactly. But, I am not a morning person and totally totally depend on this alarm to go on and the sound to reach me.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Call me crazy

Yes! that’s exactly how you are going to call me after you read this post.

We are back at US. I thought we are all ready to settle down and getting closer to our dream home when we moved back to India but here we are back in the pavilion. I am trying hard to believe the saying that goes “all that happens is happening for good”.. Hopefully, someday in life we will connect all these dots.

We landed here last week, moved to the same location but different apartment. Adi is back to her old school, LHB is at home with amma (Yes, I pulled that lady into our confusion as well), M and I have resumed our work. The move to India feels like a dream. Four gorgeous months that I will cherish forever. Highlight of the trip was the bloggers meet and meet with friends and family. I chatted away to glory to all my loved ones. Ah, the pleasure of chatting. How I missed it all these years.. Now, don’t ask me why I moved back and how long will I stay here. They are complicated. All I can say is the exile has extended.

Our life at this point exactly reflects the tamil movie title “NKPK” (Naduvulae Konjam Pakatha Kaanom) meaning “Some pages are missing in the middle of the book”.

On a side note, if you want to award someone with the “Best Kadian” (best biting person) please bestow that on LHB. He is all after that and our shoulders are crying for rescue.  He is also mastering the “thathaka buthaka” walk. Its fun to watch him walk, go and hold on to M’s legs and look all the way up with a puppy face for lifting. He doesn’t even reach M’s knee in height.  Now, imagine that.

How are you all doing?