Call me crazy

Yes! that’s exactly how you are going to call me after you read this post.

We are back at US. I thought we are all ready to settle down and getting closer to our dream home when we moved back to India but here we are back in the pavilion. I am trying hard to believe the saying that goes “all that happens is happening for good”.. Hopefully, someday in life we will connect all these dots.

We landed here last week, moved to the same location but different apartment. Adi is back to her old school, LHB is at home with amma (Yes, I pulled that lady into our confusion as well), M and I have resumed our work. The move to India feels like a dream. Four gorgeous months that I will cherish forever. Highlight of the trip was the bloggers meet and meet with friends and family. I chatted away to glory to all my loved ones. Ah, the pleasure of chatting. How I missed it all these years.. Now, don’t ask me why I moved back and how long will I stay here. They are complicated. All I can say is the exile has extended.

Our life at this point exactly reflects the tamil movie title “NKPK” (Naduvulae Konjam Pakatha Kaanom) meaning “Some pages are missing in the middle of the book”.

On a side note, if you want to award someone with the “Best Kadian” (best biting person) please bestow that on LHB. He is all after that and our shoulders are crying for rescue. Β He is also mastering the “thathaka buthaka” walk. Its fun to watch him walk, go and hold on to M’s legs and look all the way up with a puppy face for lifting. He doesn’t even reach M’s knee in height. Β Now, imagine that.

How are you all doing?

22 thoughts on “Call me crazy

  1. Welcome back!!

    I really wanted to hear your experience, because many times in last few years I was in similar boat on R2I. For now we have parked aside after we moved to own house. But since you have asked not to ask, you can ignore that.

    Once again welcome back, looking forward to hear more often from you.

      • Well I do know a bit but I haven’t done moves in 6 month intervals especially with an infant. Keep the spirits up! Christmas is around the corner and you do deserve a break. Indulge a bit – a good book, an extra long nap, a quick manicure or massage – anything you enjoy. It does make a difference. I was hoping to meet you when I hit Chennai in Feb. Unfortunately NJ is not on my travel plans this winter. Going to be sticking to warm TX this December. Have fun and take it easy

        • some day out there in the unwritten pages of life is waiting for us to meet πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Enjoy your christmas at TX. In a way I am happy to be back here for the holiday season. The way people celebrate this season by itself rejuvenates the mind and body.. Spa is good idea though or even a broadway show at NY πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ let’s see..

  2. We got to meet each other..thats the bestest part of your India thing for me…hope you guys settle in fast..Adi must be happy to get back to her old school eh?

  3. Love to LHB ,he is cute..Adi must be happy to meet her friends.
    Hope you all have settled there.I really want to meet you sometime Ani,you have helped and guided me a million times.Thanks again.

  4. Arey! Oh God!!!!!! I knew you were in India and now this – ha ha!What a game it has been for you, no? Have fun Ani πŸ™‚ I don’t think there is anything called permanence anyways. Your ability to move and adapt quickly is a skill and I think it equips you with a lot of courage and personal growth as well. For now, have fun ! πŸ™‚ ( That holds good whenever you read it)

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