Archive | December 6, 2013

Note of thanks

The morning alarm conks off, I wake up at 6 am to step out at 6:20 am. The best part, I leave dot on time with breakfast, lunch, fruit packed and tea to savor on the go. This is only possible if you live with your mother. Thank you amma!!! I feel guilty and have no words.

I have decided to keep my work timings as 7am-4pm and the commute to work is 1:30 hours one way. Go figure! I cannot afford to repeat this wake up late drama again. Wish me luck people, loads of it and warn my morning alarm to be loyal to me.

I don’t blame the alarm fully too. May be I was deep into my wild dreams that the alarm sound didn’t reach my brain. I don’t know what happened exactly. But, I am not a morning person and totally totally depend on this alarm to go on and the sound to reach me.

Do you have any other suggestions?