A slice of our nest and my soul

Living room as its seen from the entrance door. Β What all do you see?


And now, for the slice of my soul. Can you relate the place with the first pic?



20 thoughts on “A slice of our nest and my soul

  1. You setup your home alreday. Looks beautiful. I should take some tips from you. its been 3months we moved into new home and we are still not settled. LHB is inside the TV cabinet isn’t it. He is so adorable. Muuah !!

    • credit goes to M. he traveled ahead, found this new home and did all his analysis as where to get what. The weekend after we landed, he took me to the shops, I nodded, we billed, got things delivered on the same weekend and set them up. Sounds so easy isn’t it? May be other reasons were we had setup only minimal things as of now, we knew the neighborhood, we knew where to get what and amma’s great great support to handle home.. touchwood!!

    • hero? he he he.. I have a complaint about your hero.. he is clinging more to his appa these days ignoring the akka and amma or that’s how we feel 😦 after all carrying and walking around is not everything in this world **sob sob** we hope the fella realizes it sooner for his own benefit and hope he also understands the aftermath of rubbing with two ladies. ok!! a young lady and a lady..

  2. Ani! It has been so long since I wrote something here. Your living space looks so cozy πŸ™‚ and LHB oh my God!!!!!!!! looks so cutie-wootie all tucked inside that open cabinet πŸ™‚ ha ha ha ha

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