is growing up! He had his first special visitor yesterday and treated her so bad that Adi and I are hanging our heads down in shame. The baby doll who is 2 months younger than him visited him yesterday. He pushed her, pulled her hair and snatched his toys that she laid her hands on. He was behind her all the time only to mistreat her. He looked just like a grumpy bundle of attention seeker and jealous fellow. Not a bit more, not a bit less!!

And, he bit me, not a surprise yeah, but he bit me so hard that I could see his two maxillary central incisor’s impression on my shoulder still and it pains. Period. I lost half pound people!

I was so mad at him all day and it was visible

Adi: Amma, May I ask you something?
I: Yes amma (I call her amma too. that triggers a soothing effect)
Adi: Why were you so mad at LHB today?
I: I know, I am helpless pappa. I didn’t like the way he treated the lil girl M today.
Adi: I know, I felt embarrassed too. But, amma he is not even 1 year old. We will teach him good manners when he is ready to listen okie?
I: Hmm
Adi: **verbatim alert** Now, go to sleep. If you are still worried, tell me what can make you feel better and I will do that for you. You hardly have few hours to catch up on sleep. close your eyes and think of something nice amma…

Trust me, I can’t agree more on the verbatim alert. I am losing my zen state and the girl seems to attain it.

Did I say daughter’s are blessings from the heaven!!!

LHB is on a very strange sleeping pattern these days and giving hard times at night. No brownie points for guessing who gets cranky and cries along when he howls at midnight with M not making the situation any better. We were up at 4am on a Sunday morning eating biscuits and playing cheerfully. Β Did I say I am not a morning person? Motherhood sure exists to prove us wrong. Ain’t it?

I am sleepless, restless, helpless and all other “less” of the world!!


8 thoughts on “LHB!!

  1. Its an age rey..even R was like then when she was around an year old..dont you worry!

    and Adi is such a wonderful wonderful person…ask her to check out IMC on X mas day πŸ™‚

  2. hmmm.. i heard boys a generally naughty and its easy to manage girl baby.. looks to be true.. Adi as usual is darling.. I will send Bunty also to you, bring her up like Adi na.. πŸ™‚

    • too early to comment on the girl vs boy but I sincerely hope its not true for my own benefit πŸ™‚
      Adi is like any other normal kid re.. she has her own moments too that’s showcased only to amma and appa mostly πŸ™‚

  3. Lots of hugs to Adi!! She is amazingly mature!! And I am sure it’s a phase with LHB. Zini too behaves like that sometimes… I am sure your friend would understand..

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