2013 in retrospect

31st Dec 2013 – I asked Amma if we are stepping into 2013 or 2014. Such was my experience with 2013. Did I really live through all 365 days of a year and still few new about it as if the year never happened?

I did blogging marathon in Jan,
Our family was blessed with the best gift in Feb,
LHB and I lived like zombies in Mar and Apr,
I joined my work back in May,
M returned to India (for good?) in June,
Kids and I followed him and joined in-laws in July,
M moved back to US (kidding not!) in August,
Kids and I had unlimited fun at India in Sep, Oct,
Kids and I moved back to US in Nov,
We setup the new home at US, I joined new work spot with long commute in Dec.

As you read, 2013 has seen me enjoying the best (LHB) and dealing with the worst (moving countries within few months with two kids in tow is no mean feat). It was Amma who helped me to retain my sanity at every stage. She played a major role in our life in 2013 and I am ever grateful to her.Β 

As for other major happenings:

I lost baby weight (10kgs) with regular workout at India, I know, I know, I am gaining them back now rapid fast. Losing weight is much easier than maintaining the lost weight and as I read somewhere (is that your post Maya?) weight loss is not a destination its a journey. “Life time changes” is still work in progress..

Between, what is their problem if my tummy is bigger? The other day, a girl at work asked me “Are you expecting?”. I managed saying “No, I delivered a baby few months ago”. But, how long can I hide under this hood? Yes, my tummy is bigger for my body size and I absolutely don’t know how to cut it down and Yes, I am aware of all those ab exercises, crunches and squads but I am not able to get to it.

Adi, has some health issues and at this point we don’t know the cure for it though I have found a preventive measure which needs to be followed regularly.

Adi, acted as a darling and adapted quite well with all the changes we were going through in 2013. Changing schools in few months between countries was not a piece of cake for a 8 year old but I am proud about how she handled it.

We thought 2013 will be the year to decide about our future home but here we are still living as nomads.

Hope 2014 will show us some light. After all, hope is the key to future. Hello 2014!!!

18 thoughts on “2013 in retrospect

  1. Moving between countries and setting up a house with 2 kids??!! Show me your feet, let me fall down. Talk about tummy. I put on around 10 kg after delivery and the entire 10 kg went around my tummy and hip 😦

  2. Wow, Ani! You are well a super-woman! I am at a loss of words, really. You should see the amount of cribbing I did just to shift homes. And my head’s reeling reading your 2013 post. Wish you a more peaceful and stable 2014!

    • I would have cribbed equally and felt exhausted if Amma was not around Vibha. She saved me!
      Wishing you a wonderful year too. Btw, do you have plans to move to wordpress? I am finding it difficult to comment in blogspot πŸ˜‰

        • Its at work and unfortunately that’s where I get my dose of blog reading everyday during breaks and I end up not commenting though I read your posts 😦 I can’t comment on blogspot. Its not your blog but its blogspot thingie..

  3. I suddenly remembered about this blog and decided to check it out… realized that I am doing it after a year. Wanted to see if you had indeed moved back to India. Yes, you did and then did a full circle. Hope you folks are doing well otherwise. Take care.

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