Resolutions 2014

Looks like I am still not done with this 2013 and didn’t want to move forward into 2014. So, as a first step let me list down some resolutions I made myself mentally.

Most of them are carried forward every year but I would say there is an improvement.

1. Eat healthy, cut down sugar from daily intake – I have been partly successful in this. Hope to make it 100% this year if you don’t count the occasional indulge in parties, buffets, desserts and most importantly amma’s specials.

2. Stay fit – I never thought I can run for 20 mins at a stretch in treadmill but it happened in 2013 and it was a self realization moment. Don’t worry about the weight, do all that you have to stay fit and weight will fall in place.

3. Scream less – I admit! I scream at Adi even after she is all grown up now and knows what she is doing. She throws valid questions at me after the scream and I stand their with a lump on my throat and mind saying “Never again” but the hard truth is I never learn. I should not take her for granted. should not! should not! wish to chant it a million times in a day!

4. Don’t ask for help unless its really necessary – I admit that I do it especially with Adi. Irrespective of what she is into, I call her out and expect her to right away get me the laptop battery or a spoon or a paper or water or the list is endless. I do this to my mother too.  Can’t I get up, go and get it?  Why to bother others if its not absolutely necessary? If they are not in a mood to do, they are not in a mood to do. Just accept and move on.  Don’t get too emotional about it. I shamefully accept that I even go on an emotional breakdown when I don’t get the help when asked for. I don’t know if I have expressed it rightly here but I know what I should do to make this resolution possible.

5. Lower the decibel – I belong to a sound family. A family where everyone’s decibel is at the higher side and I am no different. The truth dawns more when I hear Adi and Amma talk. They reflect me and make me realize how loud my voice is.

6. Learn to listen – I do this most of the time, not letting the other person to complete the sentence. I take the liberty of completing it for them. May be its the fear of being unsaid forever. I should learn to wait for my chance to speak and listen to what others talk. This applies in official world too! And hope this will make me feel more composed!

That’s it folks. Hope to knock down at least a few of them this year!!


16 thoughts on “Resolutions 2014

  1. All the best,Ani for all your resolutions.

    I need to do the reverse in asking for help. I tend to do everything without asking anybody for help, and that leaves me knackered and angry sometimes. I need to delegate more to husband and daughter:)

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