Archive | January 6, 2014

The wise men think

In a get together the other day, the topic about increase in divorce rate came up and some wise men in the group said

divorce happens only in cases where the girl goes to work or in other words has more exposure. If the girl is stay at home with less exposure and financially depending on the better?-half then divorce is not an option at all.

I wanted to give a peace of my mind but chose not to for various reasons!

Yeah I agree with you wise men, its not an option as she is already a slave from your eyes and who gives the liberty to slaves to have a choice? Isn’t she supposed to abide by the rules of the master?

Aren’t this generation ladies (esp. the working ones) are stereo-typed as “ladies with more exposure and spoilt”? So, whatever these ladies try to express are meaningless or luxurious.

The major issue with current generation (the current refers to late 20s, 30s and 40s) is men are happy with the way they were pampered in yesteryears and refuse to move forward while women have already moved forward 20 years ahead!

Now, how can these two make a happy family and raise kids with common values of life? I wonder forever!!

Thanks for the fodder, Maya. She has beautifully penned it down in this post.