Story of a family

As it goes with any family setup, the girl and the boy met, they dated and got married or so I assume.

What’s next? Look for a shelter. That’s when they were introduced to us. The partners were in hunt for a perfect home and were lucky to find one soon. They built their home day and night and the home took beautiful shape with love as the fence. We are the living witness for construction of their home.

Then, happened the next stage of their life as a result of their intimacy. You got that right. The girl got pregnant, the boy took utmost care of the girl and being jealous would be natural for any normal human who happens to witness their beautiful life.

Soon, the babies were out and the parents behaved like hawks when it came to protecting their babies. I wonder if they ever rested. As days passed, the babies started to be on their own and one fine day flew out of the nest to face the real world!!

Yes, they flew out of the nest for a new beginning and that’s the end of the story of a beautiful bird family who found shelter in our balcony at the home at India.

We didn’t see the boy and girl after the grown-ups babies left and the nest was empty so was our hearts!!!

Credit goes to FIL , the gardener of our family and he even hung a bird feed closer to their nest and sincerely refilled it.

We were the lucky ones to watch this beautiful bird family as they setup, grew and flew away…

Do you spot someone in the last pic?


An incident to share:

One evening, as I was in the balcony feeding LHB, I noticed one of the baby bird on other end of the balcony, opposite to the nest. Β The baby didn’t learn to fly yet and was bewildered. I could feel it from its voice. I tried to lift it in my hand and take to the nest but as I was getting closer, the baby was moving outwards. So, for the fear of letting the baby fall down from 4th floor, I stepped back feeling confused and helpless. All this while, the mother and father where in the same balcony looking around for the little one. They didn’t realize the baby was on the other side.Β That’s when the miracle happened.

The father saw the baby, flew to the baby’s side, went to the branch closest to the branch where the baby was, ensured the baby saw him, jumped to the nearest branch, now the baby jumped to the branch where father was before, father jumped to next branch, baby took another jump following the father. Slow and steadily, the father directed the baby to the nest. The moment baby was inside the nest, the parents went into the nest and we could hear the keech-keech sound of all other babies. We assumed that the family is rejoicing the reunion in their own way.

Those few moments left me with goosebumps. MIL and I were the luckiest ones to witness this incident first hand and both of us couldn’t resist from sharing it with everyone we met in following days. Such an amazing, brilliant act by the father. Or may be the mother. Its one of the parent for sure.

Good that I didn’t over react and harm the baby. That day, I also learned the lesson of life.

Be it any living being, the parents know the best way to protect their kids until the kid is ready to start its own life!!


24 thoughts on “Story of a family

  1. This is such a beautiful post! πŸ™‚ I just hopped here from Maya’s blog! I agree to some extent about parents knowing how to best protect their kids, but I think it has to be a fine balance so that the kids also get a chance to open their wings and learn to fly!

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