Archive | January 9, 2014

How we answer questions

The other day, we were studying social studies, the hardest subject. What with juggling between Indian history and American history. We love Math and Science as they are universally the same!

Where was I? Oh yes! we were studying social studies and I was asking the girl some questions

what is free market?

Her golden words are as follows

pretend to thinking for a while
okay, actually Amma, I know what it is! I have the thought in my mind but can’t bring them out. I am trying my best to put my thoughts into words. Bare with me for a minute. Its almost there, its almost there 

*trust me she was doing this for whole five minutes* and then came with the much awaited response

a market where you can buy and sell for free??? 

Instead of going Arrrgghhhh I went Awwwww  (after all my lil girl is taking after her mother in answering unknown questions). Isn’t this a proud moment?

I had a hearty laugh and the girl was clueless!