Healthy start

Our breakfast every week day is Oatmeal. Thanks to AT who introduced us to this and explained the differences between the instant and old fashioned oatmeal in one of her post years ago! Since then we have become big fans of old fashioned oatmeal.

Take two to three large scoops of old fashioned oatmeal and cook it on stove top with enough water. Add a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder after its fully cooked and give it a stir. cinnamon powder is known for strengthening the immune system. 

There are different ways to top up the cooked oatmeal.

Until last year
My version:
dry fruits and nuts
a spoon of milk is optional. I used Soy vanilla.
handful of granola (optional)

I usually pack if to work. The fruits will be soaked and nuts softened by the time I eat and I love that texture.

M’s version:
two spoons of yogurt
freshly ground pepper (as per taste)

This year, both of us are having the same version

two spoons of yogurt
1/2 stick of celery (celery is known for lowering cholestrol)
handful of blueberries
handful of pomegranate
1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder
1 hard boiled egg whites cut into small pieces

basically throw in anything you like, more importantly healthy and have a great start of the day!!

I like to have it at my office desk after settling down..




21 thoughts on “Healthy start

    • Bingo, thumbs up! I fall in your category.. But I would like to try this for weekend brunch(v hate late lunch but we get up too late for breakfast but cant do away with it too) which oflate is Soups!
      Anisnest, can you please make a detailed post on this? Whatever u mentioned in the beginning as diff between instant and old fashioned?

      • you many try that too.. usually we make something with bread – either a quick sandwich or french toast for weekend breakfast..
        instant oats is processed and it takes away so many nutritions in the whole process but old fashioned retains the nutritions.. As instant is processed it takes only a minute to cook but old fashioned takes time to cook.. that’s the difference.
        welcome here Gayathri..

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