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DIY Organizers

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I had always been a sucker to keep things organized at home. My brain shuts down if I see items scattered on the floor or items misplaced all around the house. In short, if the house is cluttered. Finding a perfect spot at home for any new item always gives me a high. So, as we setup our home, I take it as my duty to find the suitable spots for every item and instruct inform the family to stick on to it to avoid those “I am missing this” and “I am missing that” episodes at home.

I made these three organizers recently to store mails, notes from Adi’s school and her books.


Materials needed:
Cardboard boxes/Cereal boxes – as many as required and the size depends on the purpose of your usage.
Gift wrapper
Cellophane tape

1. Cut the cardboard boxes into different shapes. You can see the cuts we made for our boxes in pictures. Go creative. The wiggly cut for books box was daughter’s idea.
2. Cover the box with gift wrapper and tape it around.
3. If you choose a plain paper, then make your designs on the paper. Daughter is planning to stick some cut out flowers on her book box to make it colorful. I choose this golden color glittery paper to suit our home with wood floors.

I am sure the most we will be left with when we move are cardboard boxes and I prefer to recycle them as storage rather than buying plastic storage boxes from store. I have also made similar boxes to sort our clothes that saves time from folding.