Study plan

Once, she gets the syllabus, we sit together, come up with the plan, put it together in an excel sheet and then its all up to her.  She follows the plan and we have periodic review whenever she is ready. She looks forward to the review sessions, so do I, to mark the completed ones as Done with green background fill.

This is the same pattern we followed during winter break to catch up on the three months missing portions and she did an amazing job.

No more reminding every day, no more constant follow-up as “did you study? did you study?” and no more shouting. All I ask her is “Are you on track?” and she gives me a quick update. How easy is that?

This is the same pattern I have followed during my college days to cover up the 5 units in all 6 subjects during the month long study holidays. I am glad its working for Adi too. 

I only act as a data entry operator here. She is the one who decides the daily plan, background color et all..

Over to the plan for Midterm exam next week.




30 thoughts on “Study plan

  1. Wow so organised. need to do something like this as well, if not excel atleast a hard copy version. Thanks for the ideas.

    • really? you think this is early start? she is in 4th grade and studies science subject from interactive e-learning website. she is cool with handling laptops right from switching it on to playing netflix on the browser. I thought this was fine for her age in this era..

  2. Wow! This is so nice 🙂 Adi got an early lesson in being organised in studies. Good job Ani 🙂 Should try it with Cheebu too, once she becomes a little independent in studying herself.

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