Sweets and Snacks shop

Adi loves pretend play being a restaurant owner. So, last weekend when she saw so much leftover at home, she had setup a grand opening of her restaurant with the help of next door girl.

Did I say, we live in an apartment and there are two India families living in the same floor. One is a family of four where the girl (8 yrs) and boy (5 yrs) are now the best companions for Adi and the other is a newly married couple where Amma is the best companion to the girl. She visits home, notes down recipes from Amma and they chat away to glory!

Now, for the restaurant the girls had put in hours of hard work to setup everything, invited all three families, took orders religiously and served real food to all in disposable plates ek dum restaurant style..  Adi pulled it off very well. One of the adult from other family even commented “Hotel management” will the best career for her!

See for yourself..


Menu card:

Semiya kesari (little) – as only very little was leftover
Turtles chocolate
(pecan and cashews flavor)

Mini Murukku
Chips with salsa

Orange juice

Ready to Order?


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