Counting my blessings

My in-laws. I have already written about my FIL years ago. If I live by the rules of the west, then my in-laws live by the rules of the east . Yet, we lived under the same roof with zilch tiff. If I have to learn something from them, its about where to draw a line with a relationship. They had never  passed comments on my attitude (at least not in my presence), lifestyle and never gave me suggestions on what should I do?, when should I do?, how should I do?, why should I do? Isn’t that a blessing by itself? I had never commented on the way they lead life too. They say “Parents know the best for their children”. There is NO “I know better about life than you”,”I have more experience of life”, “I know what is right and what is wrong” gyans. Ego is a distant word for them and expectation is minimal. They neither appreciate much nor criticize much.

We lived an argument free, showing faces free, grudges free, sharp words free, shout free daily life which I consider as a blessing with 4 adults (technically 3 as M was away most of the time) and 2 kids sharing the same wall.

A minuscule give and take was all it took to share the roof with them. In the recent four months of stay with them, they have helped me beyond their abilities and I will always be grateful to them for that. The day before we were leaving, FIL was waiting in the tailor shop for one hour to get my skirt stitched. That’s him.

In one liner, he had done all that help any FIL would even hesitate to think of and MIL has helped in all possible ways in spite of her health issues. I could not have trusted anyone else except my parents to take care of my kids with a 9am-8pm full time job at India.

I don’t know as what they think of me but I count them as one of my biggest blessings of life. May God give them pain free and peaceful life.


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