Archive | January 23, 2014

Evening Plan

While walking back home in the evening…

Self: Pappa, do you have any homework to finish today?
Adi: I had homework but I finished it all at school itself!
Self: So, what’s your plan for the evening? remember we should not shout or scream. We are going to have a talk and mutually agree on your plan okie?
Adi: okay!! I will watch TV.
Self: but before that?
Adi: okay, I will do some Math!!
Self: but before that?
Adi: okay, we shall review my homework!!
Self: but, before that?
Adi: **rolling eyes** Amma, shall we just keep it simple? You just tell me the plan you have in mind and I will follow it okay? and walks away!!!

I just wanted the girl to say that she will change her dress, wash her face and eat dinner before starting with anything else but apparently annoyed her in the process!!!

The same happens while choosing dress too. When she asks, I will say “Just wear anything!” but the moment she steps out of the closet I will be like Oh!! don’t wear this sweaty, pick a different one, see the pant is not matching with the shirt and she will start her gyan only to see me repeat the same next time too!!!

Have you mother’s been there?

Will I ever learn not to annoy this little girl? Will I? Will I?