Bloggers meet – 1

I know its long due but I have to write about the bloggers meet I was privileged to be part of while at Chennai.

One afternoon, while I was shopping at T-Nagar with Adi and M, I got this email from RM stating she is planning to visit Chennai for Diwali. She sent the email to a set of bloggers and then followed a chain of emails deciding on the date, time and place to meet. After like three or four days of back and forth email discussing more on when is Diwali? Is it 2nd or 3rd? we nailed the meeting point and date/time.

It was a Saturday, I planned to take Adi along for the meet and we left home around 2pm for the 5pm meet. Rewind before 2pm, all work was swiftly done at home, bathing LHB, feeding him lunch, putting him to sleep, feeding lunch to Adi. Managed to finish all the work on time and left home planned. I wanted to get some gifts and also promised Adi to take her to the arts and crafts shop before the meet.

Back to 2pm, we left on time, finished shopping and reached the pre-planned rendezvousย on time only to ย see that the famous meeting point at the famous place was closed due to emergency power failure. The backup was also not functioning. Then, we decided to hang out at the food court of nearby mall. Vidya with Vyas and RM with RD and R were already in the venue and Tharani joined us soon. The next 1.5 hours? (really it felt like 5 mins) was spent in the food court.

RD was such a sweet soul to serve us food on the table. He said he will make RM pay for it later ๐Ÿ˜‰ (they are cute couple indeed). I helped him occasionally and all of us had good time chatting away to glory. We were bugged with the billing system at the food court. It was a prepaid system, where you have to buy a card for Rs.20/- and recharge it before purchase. How on earth would you know for how much you will buy before buying? Crazy system. They claimed its the same system at every mall but I didn’t experience it in other malls.

Back to our chat, RM and Vyas had this bet on butter naan. Vyas challenged RM that he will eat five full butter naan’s at his next visit to Mumbai with a “what-big-deal” look. Our way back Adi was wondering, seriously Amma? Vyas can eat 5 naan’s at the same time? I really hope he wins. Let us know who wins okie guys?

RD was perplexed, when I told him “yeah we returned for good two months ago and might migrate back soon”. He would have thought of us as one “crazy family”.

Vidya, the cool lady surprised us with her multilingual knowledge on Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Kannada languages. I was about to fall at her feet.

Tharani, was down with a cold and was little quiet that day and RM, the ever energetic lady was with full energy. Her enthusiasm is so contagious.

R, the little girl was so cute. When we were about to take a group photo before bidding adieu, R refused to join us, at the last moment before the click RM said, don’t come okie? and the next second R was next to us smiling for the picture. RM sure mastered childย psychology.

Had a wonderful, wonderful time with all of you folks and thank you RM for making that trip. Without that trip we would not have pulled this meet together.

RM – I now have a resource working at India with RD’s name and when I uttered his name at home the other day, Adi quickly recollected oh is RD uncle working with you now? Though it was a quick meet, I am glad Adi remembers all of you quite well.

P.S: Adi doesn’t know about blog world yet and none of us even spoke about blog at the meet. Isn’t this strange?


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