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My Favorite Movies

My all time favorite movies:

I am too lazy to write in detail about how they struck a chord in me. Added the wiki link for most of the movies. Read it yourself to get justified and watch the movie.

Its a wonderful life – This tops my list. A must watch for all. Please do watch and let me know how you liked it. 

The Bicycle Thief – Recommended by a colleague. A soul touching movie as how a family struggles to own a bicycle as a bicycle is must to earn bread.

City of angels – A movie that made me cry buckets as if I don’t cry otherwise. But, the climax churned my heart and yearned for it to be the other way around for many days after watching this movie.

Forrest Gump – This is “Tom Hanks” first movie that I watched. Now, whenever I see “Bubba Gump” restaurant I knew from where its inspired from.

Million Dollar Baby – For that matter, most of Clint Eastwood’s movies. I liked “The Bridges of Madison County” too esp. the scene where Clint Eastwood gently closes the kitchen door which was otherwise slammed by her family members on other days. How a small gesture impacts a woman. For some reason, this scene flashes on my mind often.

Invictus – Watched recently after the recommendation from RM and glad I watched. Morgan Freeman is the best fit to play as Nelson Mandela. Now, I understood why the insane people got confused and printed Freeman’s picture in Mandela’s homage billboard.

Argo – A nail biting thriller movie. I watched it along with M on a Friday night and declared I am not a big fan of thriller genre. I still remember my heart beating out of my chest while watching this movie.

Life is Beautiful – Its a movie about how a father protects his son Joshua at Nazi concentration camp during world war II. A feel good movie.

The Help – This movie is about the racism black maids suffered while working for whites. A soul touching movie.

Gifted Hands – Ben Carson Story – A movie based on real life neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Its the mother character and her struggles in this movie that stayed with me for longer.

The good part is most of these movies are inspired from books. Wish I can lay my hands on these books too someday!


Anbe Sivam – This tops my list in Tamil movies. How I wish that Kamal character is true in life and that’s me. A long long long way to go. I would be more than happy if I get to be at least 50% of Nallasivam. The song “poo vasam” is simply mesmerizing. 

Punnagai Mannan – Does this need an explanation? Seriously? Ok I you still insist its one word – Ilayaraja. For non-tamilians, go and listen to this one BGM and you will know what I am mean!

Mouna Ragam – Same as the previous movie. Its just one word – Mani Ratnam. Its a classic of all. Who can forget  Mr.Chadramouli ? Even a highly music-challenged person would love the “mandram vandha thendralukku” song for its lyrics. 

Baasha – My favorite Rajini movie. Enna style-ma. Thalaivar Thalaivar dhaan. I can watch it a million times just for that style of don Baasha. Stylu stylu dhaan ivaru super stylu dhaan. No hero in the tamil film industry had even come closer to his style yet. “Avaru oru dhadavai sonna nooru dhadavai sonna madhiri”

Nayagan – Neenga nallavara? kettavara? Another classic of Mani Ratnam with his one word dialogues. My favorite song in this movie is “Nee oru kadhal sangeetham”..

Mudhalvan – Honestly, when Arvind Kejriwal was flashed on the news the first thing that came to my mind was this movie. A fast pace movie based on politics that will leave all the viewers to yearn for such a real change. “Kurukku siruthavalae” is my favorite song in this movie.

Kannathil Muthamittal – Its the story of a Sri Lankan tamil child adopted by Indian parents and the measures her adopted parents take to satisfy her wish to see her biological Sri Lankan mother. Favorite song is “Oru deivam thantha poove” – male version mainly for its lyrics. “Naan thooki valartha thuyaram nee”.. My heart melts with those lyrics everytime I listen to this song. I stop doing whatever I do literally when I hear this song just to get myself into those lyrics.

Just for laugh – I went to watch this movie with my clan and there was a huge rush in the multiplex. I was the driver and when every guarded security was asking “which film” to direct me to the appropriate parking lot I has to repeat “Kannathil muthamittal” much to Amma’s annoyance sitting next to me. She took it to literal meaning and was fuming why should these fellows keep asking it again and again to a young girl? Oh, the young girl was me me me!!!

Michael Madhana Kama Rajan – Comedy, comedy, comedy. Ultimate was the “mean” scene at kalyana veedu.

Thillu Mullu – Aiyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyaperumal Chandran’s antics and Thengai Srinivasan. Ultimate I say. “raagangal padhinaaru” is my favorite song.

Kaaka Kaaka – Aiyo Maya.. how could you carry yourself so gracefully lady? I like the Maya part most in this movie. For the songs, “oru oril”, “Ennai konjam matri” okay, the entire album is my favorite. 

Vetaiyadu Vilayadu –  For New York, especially on the “vennilavae” song. I was this close to screaming as “I have frequented to all these places”. Its another fast pace crime thriller movie. I also like the “karka karka” song for Thamarai’s attempt on thuya tamil lyrics.

Alaipayuthey – For Madhavan – the-once-a-heartthrob-not-anymore hero. I feel that he didn’t groom himself better after this movie or maybe I grew up!! Swarnalatha’s “evano oruvan” would transform me to a different world everytime I listen to that song!

Aval oru thodarkadhai – Its a story about a woman who sacrifices her life for her family. I tell you the ending is tragedy and I hated that. I am a sucker for happy ending movies. The not so happy ending movies haunt me for days.. This movie also made me cry buckets. Favorite song is “deivam thandha veedu”.. One of Kannadasan’s best lyrics.

Kizhakku Seemayile – For that annan-thangachi paasam. If there is one person in this world whom I value the most and have not mentioned much about in this blog its my bro. I will always be at loss of words to describe our relationship and all that he has done for me. It might sound cliche but I have to say this “If I am destined with more jenmams I should always be born as his little sister”. He had pampered me way too much, too much than what I deserve!  

I have more movies in line but the keyboard is crying for a break. So, I spare you all too!!!