Archive | January 27, 2014

Bloggers Meet – 2

As I was savoring the moments of my first blogger meet, I got a message from Swaram about her trip to Chennai. Same as the first meet, after numerous message exchanges in FB we decided on the date/venue with myself torturing the ladies with “where to get good formal shirts @ Chennai” in the same message thread. The ladies strictly warned me “No more talking about formal shirt” in the meet and Swaram fumed as “so you are coming to buy formal shirts and not to see me”. It was actually the week before I left to US and that was the last weekend in hand to buy at least few pairs of formal western wears. So, I had no choice.

We decided to meet around 2pm on a Sunday and my plan was to leave home at 10am, as you would have already guessed, shop for some formal shirts, then meet the loving Uma and set off to the venue. Parents were with us during this weekend and I got all ready by 10am requesting Amma to take care of Adi and LHB. But, all my plans went haywire when Appa came back home with scratches on one side of his face and knee. He stepped out to buy pain medication for Amma and slipped down on the curb that was slippery due to recent rain. Appa tried calling my already-died-mobile in vain many times and then a good soul dropped him near our apartment block. As it was Sunday, no doctor was available in community permises. So, took him to the nearest hospital, pressure was checked, TT was injected, wounds were cleaned/dressed and doctor prescribed medications for three days. We were worried as Appa is diabetic. By the time we reached home it was 12pm. Then, hurriedly I left home, managed to do some shopping near Uma’s home, met her around 1pm and  we reached the meeting point around 2pm.

No one would believe if Uma says she has teenager girls. She looks so young and we had a nice chat during the commute. She had no clue about me before we met. In this meet, I met 3 new bloggers (Uma, though I knew you I count you as new as you didn’t know me) and Swaram was the only connection between us until we met. The instant connection is what I love about these meets. Just seconds after I met Uma, we were chatting as if we knew each other for years.

Vidya, arrived the same time as we reached. We were lucky to meet for the second time in a short span that too in blogger’s meet though we knew each other as fellow colleagues decades ago.

Then, arrived the madhi manni Sandhya. A very quiet and composed person listening patiently to all the talks..

Then, arrived the sweetheart Swaram and versatile Aarti. Swaru doesn’t need an intro. As many of you would already know her. she is the lady living the dreams of many, who quit the corporate world and joined YFS to follow her heart. Aarti, maintains a separate blog for each genre and is a content writer by profession.

No brownie points for guessing what we did next. We took care of our tummies and had a laugh unlimited chatting session.

On the way back, Uma took Swaram and myself to Grand sweets for Swaram to buy some goodies for Su and then we dropped her at Ramakrishna Mutt. She braved by her own to Central station to catch the train to Hyderabad.

I dropped Uma near her home and guess where I headed to? To my never ending formal shirt search.. I managed to grab few from different stores at a mall and reached home all exhausted at 10pm.