Book Review – The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis

This is my first attempt on book review. Marathon is all I needed to step out of my comfort zone.

Disclaimer: I am not a very good critic. I cannot pass my detailed review comments firmly on anything. Like how the movie reviewers clearly says “the movie did not have a story line, the screenplay was not good, they have wasted this particular character, the role did not suit this hero, the second half is little dragged”. No, I cannot pinpoint like that. For me, its either good or bad. 

Here is my maiden lame attempt on reviewing the book.

Book Title: The Secret Keeper (Book 4 in Home to Hickory Hollow series)

Author: Beverly Lewis


Jenny Burns, born and brought up as a modern era girl at Connecticut feels that she doesn’t belong to the modern world and decides to move to Amish village as a seeker. She, with the help of her friend Marnie Lapp, moves in with the Lapp’s Amish family. She learns the ropes of living as a Amish woman from Rebecca Lapp. She struggles at first, growing her bangs, wearing plain dress, sitting for long hours at church with a growling tummy, gaining the confidence of Rebecca’s husband, Samuel Lapp yet continues to do her best to pass the proving.

In the process, she befriends many Amish people including Andrew Lapp – the surprisingly not-so-young-yet-not-married Amish man and Ella Mae –  the elderly Amish woman who is kind enough to arrange for a Thanksgiving dinner for her.  Jenny also learns some secrets and finds a place in many local people’s heart. Andrew expresses his interest on her, Jenny gets into the good books of the bishop and as all seems rosy and favorable to her, she decides that knowing the secrets, she cannot be true to herself, she cannot pass the proving and decides to return to the modern world.

Did Jenny return to the modern world? Did she stay back and pass the proving to become a Amish woman? Did she hold on to the secret? What happened to her relationship with Andrew? You should read the book to untie all these knots.

The book beautifully narrates the lifestyle of Amish world leaving the readers to wonder if such a community still exist. I loved this book for its characters. Every character is friendly by nature and gets close to your heart.

Adi picked this book for me from the library and I am glad she chose the book. 


14 thoughts on “Book Review – The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis

  1. Sounds interesting. Saw this book a couple of times but hesitated to pick up. Maybe next time will pick it up…

    Reading all the posts-but you know the issue with commenting na… I will grab some opportunity like this when the network allows me to comment 😉

  2. This seems like an interesting read! And I’m similar in writing reviews as well, I focus more on the content and the story and the people rather than the style and technique!

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