what say?

I have to publish a post today for the sheer joy of reading the comments on my bed right after switching off the alarm. Got so obsessed with this daily post.

On an afterthought about the blogathon, shall we make this a tradition in coming years? I honestly felt this like a reunion. Like we reunite once a year that too in the beginning of the year to catch up on all that has been missed in the past year.

I know its tough, its hectic, it drains us out, it adds up so much pressure, it makes our loved ones (read as the husband) curse us, it drives us nuts hunting for topics in every move of others but isn’t it all worth the joy that we all are experiencing today? the joy of sharing, the joy of reading more, the joy of finding new like minded people, the joy of new friendship, the joy of connecting with old blog friends, the joy of nurturing our own special baby (read as the blog).

What say? Please cast your vote below!


30 thoughts on “what say?

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